The difference between right and wrong

There’s a reason that I don’t usually follow quilt patterns written by someone else.   The ones I tend to like seem to have problems with the directions, size of templates, or some other such thing.  Take this for example.

The feathered star block I posted just this morning

I did a little more sewing on it today, and something just didn’t look right.  The more I looked at it, the more wrong it looked.  I compared what I had HAND sewn to the diagram I was following.  Yes, I followed the diagram exactly.  Husband even verified that point for me.  But when I looked online at a gazillion other feathered stars, my thoughts were confirmed.  The diagram was incorrect.

Here’s the wrong version (which exactly matches the diagram):


Can you spot what is wrong in this photo?

If not, see below…


See the two light colored triangles and how they are sewn?  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!


This photo was taken after I made a few adjustments and corrected the wrong direction of the half-square triangle blocks.  If you look closely at the top and the bottom photos, you’ll see three different areas had to be tweaked.

It’s ALWAYS important if you use a pattern from someone else – whether it is in an older book, as this was, or from a new book or magazine, to test your patterns.  I had plenty of this fabric purchased (enough for probably two or three quilts) so I wasn’t worried, but I’m glad I caught the mistake early on in the sewing process.  I won’t mention which book this came out of… it’s an older book that my guild happened to have in its library.  I thought by using a pattern which was already created would save me time drafting it out myself.  Hmmm.

I DO like how this is shaping up, and I’m enjoying the hand piecing of the block.  It actually goes fairly quickly… for me, it goes much faster than it would if I were sewing by machine!  I dislike machine piecing.  I spend more time ripping out seams than sewing them.  Maybe you and I can make a pact… I’ll teach you how to hand piece if you teach me how to machine piece!

Some people were born to hand piece, you know.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

3 thoughts on “The difference between right and wrong

  1. I made my Sister-in-law a quilt with six feathered stars and I looked at some pictures in a book, but I drafted my own patterns. There are some good aspects to being too cheap to buy patterns and too independent to use free ones. Good you caught that one before going any farther.


  2. I am hand stitching some klosjes and there is no way I could even try to stitch them by machine. They are a great project if I am traveling, which reminds me I have to get some pieces cut out to be ready for my trip to Seattle. So glad you found the error before you got to0 far, what a great tip!


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