I’m in Love!

Block 1 is now complete! 
This is hand pieced.  I’ve never hand pieced a block with this many pieces before.  I enjoyed it, but I need to learn how to handle all the seams this threw at me.  If you’re a hand piecer, do you press each section as you go, or wait until the entire block is finished?  When do you trim your seams?   I mark each piece on the stitching line and add a rough quarter inch all the way around when I cut.  So after I sew, I go back and trim seams to a scant quarter inch.  It’s how I learned, but I am game to learn something new if it will help.  
Please give your feedback!  You’re never too old to learn new things, right?  

10 thoughts on “I’m in Love!

  1. It's gorgeous. I haven't hand pieced before, but I have a friend at work that hand pieces everything. That's how she learned, she says. She also hand quilts of course… Good for you!


  2. The block turned out super. I always hand piece my quilts. I wait until the block is finished to iron it. (but I do finger-press the seems as I go along to make ironing easier). One thing I don't like about machine piecing is when the seem gets flipped in different directions. I usually cut the seem allowance at a quarter inch. I don't usually trim any later unless a darker color is shadowing through. Often instructions say to iron toward the darker fabric but in scrappy quilts, you might end up with nothing but confusion.


  3. Beautiful block! When I was hand piecing my red and white feathered star quilt top, I made the “snake” of the tris and diamonds and then pressed it before adding the kites and then the centre. Then I'd press it when the kites and centre were added and one final time after I added the setting squares and tris. As far as trimming the seams, I always grade my seams. It makes a quilt with a lot of pieces drape much nicer and takes a lot of the weight out.


  4. I adore handpiecing. I do not press as I go along. That is done at the end. I eyeball my seam allowances and do not go back and trim them unless there is a huge amount of bulk from many seams coming together.


  5. What a beautiful block. I'm a hand piecer. When I have a block that has alot of pieces I will press each section and then press the whiole block when done. I do cut my seam allowances at a 1/4 inch and will trim one side if there is some shadowing or if needed because of bulk near intersections.


  6. I love the block! Your fabric choices are just so great! when I hand piece I press at the end and I don't trim the seam allowances ….but when I get to hand quilting it I often regret that I did not trim…it is so much harder for me to quilt through the bulky seams


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