Sizing up your blocks

Math never was my favorite subject.  It requires lots of thinking for me, and makes my head hurt.  For the quilt I am currently working on, I wanted two different sizes of an 8 pointed star.  I tried drafting my own.  Now, normally I am really good at drafting blocks by hand.  With this one, not so much! 

I finally resorted to finding a pattern online on the website of a quilter for whom I have a lot of respect and know personally.  I won’t share her name here, though.  So I found the pattern for the 8 pointed star on her site, in several different sizes.  I chose the size I wanted, and made the block.  I wanted a six-inch block.  I ended up with a 4.5 inch block.  SIGH.  I took the pattern to a copy machine and increased it over and over in a variety of sizes, and took the stack of copies home.  After much pondering, I chose the pattern that I was sure would give me six-inch block.  Nope.  When I made the block, it was 8 inches.  MORE SIGHING.  After several more tries, I finally hit on the right one.  So now I have many different blocks in a variety of sizes but all in the fabrics from my quilt.  It allowed me to see how the different color choices would look, so it wasn’t a total waste.


Please tell me I’m not the only person who does this?

Making Progress… And Placemats!

Last weekend I whipped up a couple of reversible placemats for our little kitchen table. Here you can see one of each fabric on the glass top.

I’ve also made progress on the quilt I’m working on. I’m now starting on the alternating feathered star pattern which is similar to these, but includes an 8 pointed star in the center like the one you see here.

I’m really loving how this is turning out, and I have changed my thoughts on layout from my initial plans.  Very rarely do I stick to my plans, so I guess this shouldn’t surprise me.  I know lots of quilters plan their quilts right down to each quarter inch.  Not me!  I let my quilts talk to me while they are in progress.  So… what do you think I will do with the little 8 pointed star block(s)? Yes, there will be more than one of them!  Actually, they will be in 2 different sizes.  
Ponder that for awhile!