30 Things: Number 11

11.  Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

  1. Drops of water on the kitchen or bathroom counter.  Wipe them up, please.
  2. People who talk on their cell phone in the bathroom at work (or in the bathroom anywhere else).
  3. People who continually tell me what I SHOULD do (on my blog, in my life, etc.) and want to make more work for me.  I don’t need more work, Thank You.
  4. Barking dogs at all hours of the night (my neighbor’s dogs bark non-stop, and they do nothing to encourage them to be quiet. I LOVE dogs… but they don’t have to bark non-stop.
  5. People who won’t make eye contact or smile at you when they walk by (and you’re the only two people in the hallway).
  6. Individuals who treat you like you are stupid when they don’t even know you. 
  7. “I seen...”  Oh come on, some teacher at some point in your life told you that this is wrong.  It’s “I SAW.” I saw a bird.
  8. The slow lane at the grocery store.  Why am I always in it?
  9. That guy in the car that goes around me and cuts me off only to end up at the stop light at the exact moment that I do.   Really?!?!    Yes, you are THE MAN.  clap clap
  10. Justin Bieber. Enough said.


What are YOUR pet peeves?

4 thoughts on “30 Things: Number 11

  1. I would say those are mine as well but might add squalling cats to those barking dogs. (Actually there is one house with two dogs that go crazy when Nikko and I walk past. Every time I hear the owner shouting out the Japanese equivalent of “shut up”! Five years on, hasn't he figured out it isn't working?
    I don't know Justin so I would switch that one for all those young people who shove into the train and grab the “silver seats” reserved for the aged and handicapped, and then sit there and text or play games or sleep so they don't have to look at that old guy with the cane standing in front of them.


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