30 Things: Number 12

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

Well this will be pretty boring!  ZZZZzzzzzzz

On a typical weekday, I get up about 5 AM (Michigan time), pour a cup of coffee, put in creamer, take my morning thyroid med so I can wake up, and then sit like a vegetable in front of my computer and see what lovely email/Facebook/tweets I have to read from you.  Sip sip sip on the coffee.  Wake up.  Please. 

About 5:30, I go crawl into the shower and do the “gussy up for work” routine.  Teeth brushed, clothes on, makeup, etc.  Jewelry is helpful.  A girl always wears earrings.

At around 6:00 AM, I get my stuff ready, pack a lunch that includes lots of protein (required because of my bariatric surgery), pour myself a gallon of coffee and more creamer, kiss the Woodworker goodbye, pet the cat, and hop in the car.

There are approximately two different routes that I can take to work.  I need to make the decision right away whether I will turn left and go through town, or right and blaze through the country.  In the dark. I usually get to work about 6:30-6:45 AM. It is still dark outside this time of year.  You are probably all asleep when I log into my work computer.  You lucky thing, you!

Then the fun begins!  I run reports on the length of time you are on hold when you call to talk to someone at our company.  I do statistical analysis on all the times.  I look at any shipments that were supposed to go out but didn’t, and hope that we can get them rerouted early in the day so you’re not sitting at home waiting.  I find out what happened to some shipments that UPS messed up.  I make sure that whatever you ordered gets into your hands (this is a pharmaceutical company, so your orders are VERY important to you!).  I run calculations on lots of metrics, schedule classes, do quality checks, enter new employees into our educational website, teach classes, write a monthly newsletter, etc.  At some point in time, I get lunch and manage to read a few blogs while doing so.  At many other times, I get more coffee.  I switch to decaf at lunch because sleep is a good thing to get at night.

Around 4:00 I pack up my things, grab my coat, and put the car into a reverse path towards home.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I try to make it to the gym for a good workout.  Two Wednesdays each month I have quilt guild-related events after work.  This year, I am our guild president.  We have a board meeting one Wednesday over dinner, and another Wednesday we have our actual guild meeting.  One Monday evening per month, I have a Jan 4.2013meeting at church.

Most nights after dinner (usually prepared by Chef Woodworker),       I sit down in my leather chair and quilt. You would love the Woodworker’s cooking!   Ahh.  Yummy!  The cat is nearby (or on my feet or lap) while I quilt.  I call my dad and check on him or go to his house and see how he’s doing.  We turn the television on, watch brainless TV, and around 9:30-10:00 head towards bed to start the whole thing all over again.

There now, wasn’t that a blast to learn about my day?

5 thoughts on “30 Things: Number 12

  1. You look so comfortable after a long day at work and love, love, love the cat. He looks very satisfied as well. My routine is not nearly as busy as yours however I wish it were. I was diagnosed with a debilitating lung disease when I was 38-years-old & my life changed forever. At 52 I've learned to live with it but do envy those that can carry on a normal life. I can piece & quilt by hand however & that is when my quilting journey began. Happy Sewing!


  2. Well don't you look comfortable, Caron! Love that chair! BTW, I'm having a hard time commenting on your blog – for some reason your whole blog shows up in the comments section, lol. Might be my browser. I loved your pet peeves post.


  3. Switch the chair to a brown fake leather sofa, the cat to a dog, and add a couple of decades and that could be my picture too. Too bad teachers get “retired” before they are ready to quit (or have made enough to live on) but I do have some side teaching jobs now and then to get me off my duff.


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