30 Things: Number 18


18. What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

This question is easy… the most difficult thing I’ve had to forgive is myself.  I don’t think I’m unusual in this regard. I think we are harder on ourselves than on any other person.  No one specific event or deed comes to mind, but in general I have had a difficult time “letting go” of things and moving on.  That doesn’t mean that I dwell on them, but they do linger in the mind. 

I know you can relate!



On another note, if you are a quilter (which you probably are if you are reading this), if you have not already been to Pinterest, you really should take a peek.  Pinterest is a website that is like an online bulletin board.  When you see pictures that you like, you can PIN them to your own bulletin board.  They link to the original website where the picture was found.  To get an idea of what Pinterest is all about, feel free to look at my boards (you can have a variety of bulletin boards about different topics).



Have a great day!