A stroll through the quilt blogs…


A quick stroll with quick comments about what I saw in my (short) visit:

http://birdnestontheground.blogspot.com/ Pat shared her holiday pics of family… I love her blog no matter what she posts!

http://karensquilting.com/blog/ Karen’s Dizzy quilt and some string pillows

Quilting With The Past  Beautiful close-up picture of hand quilting in progress!

http://www.browndirtcottage.com/ Yo-yo quilt pictures

Plain and Simple Libby got an “eThimble” for Christmas.  I’d never heard of one!  Check it out!

Hanne’s Quilt Corner  Look what she made!  How cute!  A little zipper pouch  for her embroidery tools.

That’s just a few of the quilt blogs in my list… I think I need to go through my list and update, as many of the blogs in that list are no longer being used.  YIKES!


If you’re reading this on a blog reader, I updated the header photo on my blog.  Come on over and take a look!


30 Things: Number 21


21. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?invisible

I always thought it would be fun to be able to fly like Superman.  However, I think combining that ability with Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak would be a great thing.

With the ability to fly while wearing an invisibility cloak, I’d be able to swoop into unique situations and hover overhead, watching and listening for all kinds of good information.  Using this skill at work would have advantages.  Also, being able to swoop into the judging room before some of the big quilt contests would be a real boon for me as a quilter. 

Yeah, that would be MARVELOUS!  Look out, world, Suuuuuuuper Caron is coming!


Stormie thinks she has her own invisibility powers as she hides herself beneath this Feathered Star quilt-in-progress.  We looked all over the house for her, until I thought to move the quilt (in its hoop) on the chair.  Yup, there she was!  Crawled in to hide.

hiding January 12.2013

What super power would you like to have?