30 Things: Number 25


25. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?InezandArvelShook

I never had the opportunity to meet my paternal grandparents.  They passed away before I visited my biological family in Georgia in May of 2011.  If I could, I’d like to have a private dinner with them in their old home in Young Harris, Georgia.  I have so many questions about their life, beliefs, relationship with God, family history and how they raised their children.  I understand that my grandma was a fantastic cook, and she was also a quilter.  I would hope she would cook a meal that she has cooked for her family on a regular basis, and show me how to prepare it.  After dinner, of course, we would sit down and chat at the quilt frame. 

3 thoughts on “30 Things: Number 25

  1. Good one. 🙂 Come to think of it, I would love so much to have a day with my grandfather, who I've heard so many wonderful things about my entire life but never knew.


  2. My sister and I are the oldest grandchildren in the family. We were able to spend time with our grandparents on both sides, and some time with our great grandmother, she was called Nonnie, her name was Lucille. Our younger cousins did not get to meet any of the grand or great grand parents on my dads side. At a family reunion I was telling some cousins about our great grandmother, how kind an sweet she was, my aunt laughed and told of here view of her grandmother. It was great.


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