Help Needed!

Help me brainstorm!

What upbeat song would prompt quilters to “shake their booty?”

Can you name a game or suggest an activity that we could play at a quilt guild meeting? (Not 50/50, but something fun that gets people moving around the room meeting new people)

Our meeting theme in February is “Pajama Party,” so we’re looking for fun things to do… and are very open to suggestions!


Stormie and I have been busy quilting on our Feathered Stars quilt. Here are some pictures of our progress thus far.

Jan 28.2013A One of the corners… Here you see only the diagonal lines going one way.  After the entire quilt has these lines going one way, they will be crossed in the other direction, creating one-inch squares in the background. 

Once that is accomplished, each square will then be dissected creating half-inch squares.

The feathered stars have quilting in the ditch in the feathered area.

Jan 28.2013C Another view.
Jan 28.2013D And yet another.
If you click on the photos, the picture should enlarge on your screen.
Sometimes one of us gets bored and needs a diversion from quilting.  We won’t name names.

A squirrel on the hanging bird feeder outside the living room window.  It instantly becomes a SQUIRREL feeder.

Below, the view from Mom’s leather chair where “we” quilt.

12.27.2013B 12.27.2013C

4 thoughts on “Help Needed!

  1. the squirrels tend to find their way into any feeder they want to get into even if we think we have squirrel proofed them.
    I have no suggestions for your quilt guild meeting – I never liked our guild – very boring – I like the informal groups instead that aren't meetings.
    Love the quilt!


  2. I don't know anything about songs but at the Conference we played Getting-to-know-you BINGO. Just make up a sheet with interesting facts on any subject and go around getting different people to sign one of the squares that matches her. It worked very well for meeting new (and old) people attending. I use this idea often for Scouting activities too. It also helps to identify resources in the group.


  3. How about bingo? We did this at church and I enjoyed it.

    Print one bingo sheet for each participant. Each could be the same, or you could have a mixture–ten of each set of questions, for example. In each bingo square is a statement like, “has made more than 50 quilts,” or “prefers hand applique.” You could also have non-quilter statements such as, “likes to ski,” or “owns a dog,” or “I love her earrings,” or “wearing my favorite color.”

    The ladies have to circulate around the room asking each other questions, and finding a person who matches each description. They write her name in the box below that description. It might take a while, so if you want a fast game, that one won't work as well.

    You can do it competitively, first to finish gets a prize — or co-operatively, each one who finishes hers helps another lady by doing introductions until everyone has theirs complete.


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