Where are they now?

AmericasPictorialQuiltsIn 1985, America’s Pictorial Quilts was published by the American Quilter’s Society.

At that time, pictorial quilts hadn’t reached the heights that they have today.  Pictorial quilts were more along the lines of having a folk appearance, or at the beginning of the movement into the pictorial art quilt.  They were more primitive than today’s work, to be sure.

From time to time I think about all the quilters whose work was featured in APQ, and wonder where they are… and what they are doing today.  Let’s take a look.  Over the next several posts, I will do some online searching to discover who is still creating quilts today, in hopes of sending you on a journey to investigate on your own.  If you recognize a name below and know about the quilter, please respond in the comment area at the bottom of this post.

The 46 Quilters featured in America’s Pictorial Quilts:

Carole Adams

Masami Kato

Mona Barker

Helen Kelly

Monica Calvert

Edward Larson

Linda Cantrell

Donna Rae Maki

Rhoda Cohen

Gwen Marston

Virginia Costa

Judy Mathieson

Pat Cox

Carole K. McMichael

Shannie Coyne

Jane Miller

Barbara Crane

Judith Montano

Joe Cunningham

Carolyn Muller

Alice Dunsdon

Anita Murphy

Ronnie Durrance

Paula Nadelstern

Ellie Dyson

Robbie O’Rourke

Chris Wolf Edmonds

Katie Pasquini

Victoria Faoro

Dawn Rappold

Lee Farrington

Art Salemme

Zoe Gill

Alice Schmude

Cathy Grafton

Joan Schulze

Marge Harris

Steve Schutt

Sarah Hass

Ami Simms

Roberta Horton

Elaine Sparlin

Lois K. Ide

Susan Turbak

Jean Johnson

Erma Martin Yost

Edward Larson:   Ed is a delightful character, still living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  His website may be found at http://edlarson.com.

Gwen Marston:  Gwen is living and working on Beaver Island, off the coast of Northern Michigan.  The author of numerous books, she is preparing for her final Beaver Island Quilt Retreat. http://www.gwenmarston.com/

Paula Nadelstern: Paula has created so many beautiful quilts it’s hard to keep track of them all.  Take a look at her website and visit her gallery.  Be prepared to be amazed!  http://www.paulanadelstern.com

Joe Cunningham:  Joe’s quilting has stretched from very traditional hand quilting to some awesome and unique contemporary quilts.  http://www.joethequilter.com/  Joe will be visiting the Evening Star Quilters in April of this year to give a workshop and lecture.  For information, visit https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Byjbje_Gc82EUDV2YzFjQXNUNEE for the registration form.

Judy Mathieson: Judy has done a lot with pictorial quilts through the years, and also is drawn to the Mariner’s Compass design.  Now living in Sebastopol, California, Judy still quilts, teaches and lectures.  http://www.judymathieson.com

Cathy Grafton:  From Illinois, Cathy owns Prairie Quilts and More.  She loves quilting and silk ribbon embroidery, and her website is a delight.  Please check it out at http://www.prairiequiltsandmore.com.

Lois K. Ide:   Lois passed away Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at the age of 90.   A dear, sweet woman, her obituary included the following: Lois was well known locally and nationally in the quilt world through her published writings in several books, as well as through her lectures and workshops.  Her quilts have been shown in several museums including the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and she has donated quilts to the Ohio Historical Museum in Columbus where they are still on display.  Following the publishing of America’s Pictorial Quilts, Lois sent four Christmas ornaments to me, which still hang on my Christmas tree every year. 

Judith Montano:Judith is a talented artist, and loves embroidery.  She has written several books, and her resume goes on and on.  See it for yourself on her website at http://www.judithbakermontano.com/.

Alice Schmude:  Alice created a beautiful quilt called “Michigan Wilderness.”  It is able to be seen on the Quilt index website here: http://www.quiltindex.org/basicdisplay.php?kid=1E-3D-118  If you know where Alice is, please leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for more updates!