America’s Pictorial Quilters, Continued


Here are more of the 46 Quilters featured in America’s Pictorial Quilts:

Carole Adams

Masami Kato

Mona Barker

Helen Kelly

Monica Calvert

Edward Larson

Linda Cantrell

Donna Rae Maki

Rhoda Cohen

Gwen Marston

Virginia Costa

Judy Mathieson

Pat Cox

Carole K. McMichael

Shannie Coyne

Jane Miller

Barbara Crane

Judith Montano

Joe Cunningham

Carolyn Muller

Alice Dunsdon

Anita Murphy

Ronnie Durrance

Paula Nadelstern

Ellie Dyson

Robbie O’Rourke

Chris Wolf Edmonds

Katie Pasquini

Victoria Faoro

Dawn Rappold

Lee Farrington

Art Salemme

Zoe Gill

Alice Schmude

Cathy Grafton

Joan Schulze

Marge Harris

Steve Schutt

Sarah Hass

Ami Simms

Roberta Horton

Elaine Sparlin

Lois K. Ide

Susan Turbak

Jean Johnson

Erma Martin Yost

Chris Wolf Edmonds: I have been a fan of her work for many, many years.  Chris, who lives in Kansas, has a resume that goes on and on and on.  Visit her website and gallery page, then click on photos of her quilts to see even MORE.  Wow!

Katie Pasquini Masopust:  Who doesn’t love Katie’s work?  I have watched her evolve over the years, and Katie is a very popular teacher.  From Santa Fe, New Mexico, Katie is both a painter and a quilter worth discovering. 

Monica Calvert: Monica was a part of Quilt Odyssey 2002.  Visit the website and watch a video with Monica to see what she’s done.

Roberta Horton: Roberta is both a traditional and contemporary quilter, author (C&T Publishing) and fabric designer.  Her work has been exhibited around the world, and she has taught in all but one of the United States. 

Erma Martin Yost: Erma is a very diverse artist, formally trained as a painter and now working in fiber (primarily felt).  Her work has been seen in many galleries around the country.  Plan to spend some time clicking around her website!  Gorgeous work!

Virginia Costa is from Los Banos, California.  I have found mention of her name in a few places, but discovered no website dedicated to her quilting.  If you know anything of her recent work, please let me know in the comment area below.

Anita Murphy:  You can read an older interview with Anita Murphy on the Alliance for American Quilts website. Anita was the author of a book on Mini Quilts and numerous other publications and patterns.  Sadly, Anita passed away in 2011 in Texas, her home state. 


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Stay tuned for more updates!