Stitching away the winter


Brrrrrr!  It is SO cold out today, here in mid Michigan!  I am really ready for spring to arrive.  How about you?

Not much has been going on since the last post.  Working during the day, an hour or two of quilting at night when I can find time for it… that’s about it!

2.16.2013I did get to spend the afternoon quilting yesterday with the resident Quilt Inspector on the ottoman in front of me.  She was perfectly content to sleep and purr, as long as there was a quilt nearby. 

I haven’t posted an update of this quilt in awhile, so here goes:


It’s easier to see what has been quilted by looking at the back.

2.17.2013BPublished by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! Copyright 2013.

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