Some days are just like that…

GLCYesterday I was at the mall with The Woodworker shopping for shoes.  He didn’t find any that he liked.  I found a nice shirt on sale.  While he was trying on shoes, I bit into a soft protein bar.  I have to eat small meals many times a day due to my bariatric surgery and “new stomach.”  One bite into the protein bar and I knew something was wrong.  I broke a veneer on one of my front upper teeth.  Nice.  It felt like every time I moved my upper lip I was moving it on razor blades.  When I got home, I ran an emery board over the sharp places, and it helped, but just a little.  Today, my wonderful dentist got me in right away and fixed my tooth.  Looks and feels better than the first version, so I’m happy.  But I haven’t seen the bill yet, so…

Last Thursday, I decided that I didn’t like my grey roots showing in my hair.  I couldn’t really afford to go back to the hairdresser so soon, so I thought, “It’s no big deal to cover the grey roots! I’ve done that before”   Yeah.  No big deal.  I never had hair this color, either!  I stopped at the beauty supply shop, and one of their sales people helped me pick out “just the right shade” for my hair.  Yeah, No.  Not the right shade.  Now my roots are bright red.  Nope, not right.  But gosh, it saved me from paying almost one hundred dollars, right?  Well, that might have been worth it… I love my stylist. I hope she reads this.  Sorry, Jeanette.

up and downToday at work I learned that my absolute favorite task is being given to someone else.  I LOVE that little job!  And I’m really good at it!  It’s not something extraordinary, but when you have something you enjoy doing and everybody says you’re the person for the job, you get attached.  It becomes the bright spot of your week.  Doesn’t matter what task it is, whether it’s glamorous or mundane, if you love it and you’re the best, you go with it and rock it!  Nope, not mine anymore.  SIGH.

Today The Woodworker got tickets for something on Wednesday evening.  This Wednesday evening.  For my birthday, which is next week.  YEAH, I had plans for that night.  It was an issue for a couple of hours.  But then the problem was resolved.  You see, that mundane task that I loved that was snatched away…. disappeared.  That mundane task was in a way connected with why I had plans for Wednesday night.  That task is gone, thus my evening is now free. 

Yup, one of those days today.  And last Thursday. And Sunday.  I think I need to start setting aside a few dollars every day.  I feel a trip to the Netherlands coming up. I have a friend I’d like to hang out with.  Hello, Annemart? It might be awhile, but I’m thinking…


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