Contrary to what you may have thought, I have NOT fallen off the planet!


If you are a devoted hand quilter, you know that the gentle rhythm and regular pucker between each quilting stitch comforts you and keeps you grounded.  If I go a day without taking a few stitches, I can feel the stress start to build up in myself.  It’s a good thing I have two projects going right now, because the last month has been a doozie!  But every single stitch has helped tremendously!

First my dad had surgery on his thumb to try and remove an infection that kept coming back. Then the doctor got the results of the tests back and determined that the infection was combined with bone cancer in his thumb.  Two weeks after that, he had another surgery, this time to remove part of the thumb down to the first knuckle.  Ouch!  I won’t share a photo with you.  Just know that it happened, and he is doing much better.  My brother lives across the country, so he provided moral support from afar.  When dad is in his area for half of the year, I do the same from here.  It works.

Then my mother-in-law ended up in the hospital for four days.  As my husband is an only child, we were kept quite busy making numerous trips to the hospital and visiting with his father as well.  Neither one is able to maneuver stairs very well, and they live in a two story home.  Yes, the bedrooms are upstairs, as is the main bathroom (with tub/shower).  The small bathroom downstairs has no bathing facility.  So the discussion has begun on moving them into a one-story home sooner rather than later.  Let’s just say that discussion did not go well, but we are not giving in.  HEAVY SIGH.  She is now home, but regular monitoring is needed on our end. 

So these two quilting projects have kept me grounded and help maintain my sanity:



If you are a regular follower of my blog, the entire quilt has been quilted from top to bottom, but I am now going in and adding another diagonal line between every one that you see here.  This photo is about two months old.  More has been completed, but you don’t get to see it yet!  (Sorry!)



This is a new class sample for a hand quilting class I teach.  I am in the process of doing the grid work behind the design that I created.  I always do the main design first, and then mark the grid.  I find it gives a better finished look, at least for me!  The grid is half-inch squares.  When the little quilt has all been hand quilted, I will go in and add trapunto.  Thanks to my friend Tim Latimer for his trapunto encouragement!



I hope you are enjoying the Spring 2013 Celebrate Hand Quilting Blog Hop! If you are here visiting, please be sure and leave a comment and tell me where you are from! 

26 thoughts on “Contrary to what you may have thought, I have NOT fallen off the planet!

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your dad and his poor thumb. My prayers go out for him. I hope your MIL recovers well too. It is tough taking care of our aging parents. I know full well how that goes.

    Your feathered star quilt is just gorgeous and I love all that lovely quilting you have done and are doing on it.


  2. love the quilts – the blog hop has been a success I think.
    Now on to the 2 story house – have you ever looked into a chair that mounts to the stairway and you sit it in press a button and it goes up to the top floor – it helps handicap stay in their own home when they can no longer manage the steps. here is a link to one site I saw – in the long run it might be cheaper than getting another home I am not affiliated, I have looked into these chairs for the feature reference.


  3. Your Feathered Star is beautiful as ever and your handquilting is so pretty.
    Wishing your Dad and your MIL a safe and speedy recovery. And you some rest when you can.


  4. It`s absolutely fabulous quilting and quilt!!

    Hope things are going better and your father and mother in law have a speedy recovery.My prayer go with them.

    Rosa from Spain.


  5. Caron,
    Beautiful work!! huge effort to go back and add more lines to your stars… I adore the Fleur quilting so far as well….how wonderful is it to have the resouce of friends near and far to enhance our own techniques…Tim is certainly a super resource to call upon.
    Thanks too for arranging this blog hop, have enjoyed it tremendously,
    Kate from Sydney Australia.


  6. I am truly enjoying the blog hop. Your stitching is incredible. How do you 'teach' that?? For me, it's either I can or I can't….and I can't make stitches that tiny and delicate. :)) Sorry about your dad's thumb, hope he is feeling better. And I hope things go well with your MIL's move.


  7. I would be intimidated and in awe if yours was the first handquilting class I went to and I felt like that is what I needed to attain… that is AMAZING work… but until someone handquilts for a bit they won't even come close to appreciating the joy that goes into making those tiny little stitches!

    Thanks for making a great place for handquilters to gather and for organizing this blog hop. It has been true excitement for me every day and I have found some great blogs in the mix too! Including yours which I was already subscribed too! lol Kathi


  8. Your stitching is beautiful! Very good tip to quilt the main area and then go in after and stitch the grid. Will have to remember that for the future.:)


  9. Hope your father and MIL is doing better. And that you get some time to relax with your beautiful feather star quilt. The class sample is stunning.
    Thank you for hosting this blog hop. So much to see and enjoy.


  10. Lovely hand stitching, and beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing your work. Also thank you for the Hand Quilting Blog and FB page. It's good to keep hand stitching out in the publics eye.
    Good luck with the family.


  11. Your hand quilting is spectacular! I'm with you – even a few stitches a day helps keep me sane. I've not tried doing the design first and then the grid – I'll have to try that! It makes sense when I think about it. I'm here for the first time via the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog. I'm adding you to my blogroll!

    Patti in Vancouver WA


  12. Love your quilt work Caron! And of course thanks for all your work at the FB page and the blog! Hope your father and MIL will be in better condition soon. Including a home that works with their health.


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