Blog Reader Choices, Feedly, etc.

It’s coming… July 1st, 2013.  On that date, when you wake up, Google Reader will be gone. 

BloglovinYou may have noticed that on the right side of my blog there is a link you can click to follow my blog on bloglovin.  That is one option.  feedly

You could also choose to follow my blog (and others) on Feedly. That’s the green logo. Both work quite well to follow any blog you’d like. 

You can choose any other blog reader to follow any kind of blog you would like. 

Should you need the information, the rss feed for Michigan Quilts is: .

So why did I choose to go with Feedly?  It was simple.  Feedly offers a lot of the same features that Google Reader did.  I have liked the ability to scroll through Google Reader and see each blog in it’s full format, scrolling through dozens of blog posts and remain on the same page.  Bloglovin’ requires me to click through and view each blog entry on its own page.  For me, that is a lot of pages to click on.  So my decision is made  Feedly it is!  However, please know that just because I read the blogs that I follow on Feedly doesn’t mean that if you use a different blog reader you can’t follow my blog somewhere else!  If you are confused and need help, please send me an email at


So, on to the world of quilting.  What have I been doing lately?  Taking a little break, actually.  I’ve been tired lately, and have been enjoying catching up on some reading.  My Kindle has had a good workout these last few weeks! 

photo 6.16.aI did manage to squeeze in some time to work on trapunto )photo at left) for a class sample for my hand quilting class.  I really enjoyed the process, which was new to me.  photo 6.16.c

I also put in more time on hand quilting my feathered stars quilt (photo on right).

This is a project in slow motion, as it is heavily quilted.


We have had quite a bit of rain in Michigan lately, but it has helped the garden tremendously!  photo.6.16d


The rhododendrons look beautiful close up, but I don’t like the yellow leaves that are taking over.  I think the soil is lacking something, but I’m not sure what.  If photo 6.16eyou are a fan of rhodies and have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you!


Hope all is well in your world!