Shop in your own basement

When the fabric becomes more expensive than you want to spend, what do you do?

Shop in your own basement, that’s what! 

That’s what I did nearly 9 months ago when I started on this Double Irish Chain quilt for my own bed.  The quilt we’d been using has been on there for almost 12 years, and was used nonstop as both the bedspread and a snuggle-under quilt through the night.  It was really showing wear and tear, so I decided enough was enough and decided to make a new quilt.  I had about one-third of a bolt of solid mossy green cotton from back… oh gosh, probably 1980.  Might as well use it, since our bedroom walls are almost the same color.  I also had a light colored print that I liked.  Probably about six yards total.  That was just as old as the green fabric! I did go out and buy the brown fabric, and in playing around with placement, decided this would work just fine! 

Double Irish Chain 4

So far, I love how it’ turning out, and I hope to have the top completed soon.  The picture below shows it lying on top of the old, worn out string quilt…

Double Irish Chain 3

Pardon me while I return to the basement to sew.  More blocks are calling my name!

A Sew-cation

A vacation to sew… my favorite thing to do.  I took the entire week off work to relax, unwind, and work on this Double Irish Chain quilt intended for my own bed.  I started it about a year ago, and I am determined not to let it remain a UFO.  Here is a sneak peek of it against my bedroom wall.  My bed is white, kind of a “shabby chic” look, so I think it will look great when it is all finished. 

Double Irish Chain

A blog I follow (Kate’s Arty Bits Blog by Kate North) had this meme on there.  Occasionally I will do one, just for the sake of making myself think, so here goes:

A – Age: 57
B – Bed Size: Queen
C – Chore you Hate: cleaning the basement and ridding it of saved junk
D – Dogs Name: Don’t have one now, but previous dogs included Elbrus (Old English Sheep Dog), Maestro and Gretzky (Golden Retrievers)
E – Essential Start of the Day Item: COFFEE with hazelnut cream
F – Favorite Color: Green
G – Gold or Silver: Have a gold wedding band, but also love silver.  I’m on the fence here.
H – Height: 5’7″ ish.
I – Instruments You Play: piano and vocal chords
J – Job: I have one.  Currently working as a Quality Assurance Technician and teacher for a large pharmaceutical company
K – Kids: 2- Sean and wife Kim (and 3 grandchildren, one grand dog), Loren and wife Margaret (grand dog and grand cat)
L – Living Arrangements – House we built in Mid-Michigan just outside Flint
M – Music You Love – I like almost every kind of music except very twangy country and rap
N – Nickname – My grandpa Covert always called me “Plugger”
O – Overnight Hospital Stays – 2 that gave me babies to take home as presents, 4 other ones with no presents (my tummy looks like a road  map
P – Pet Peeve – bad grammar and people who think they are better than you are
Q – Quote from A Movie:  “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”  from Dirty Dancing.
R – Reading – I love to read when I can find the time.  I enjoy historical fiction.
S – Siblings: This gets confusing.  I was adopted.  The brother I was raised with was a surprise.  Half-siblings:  2 half-sisters, 3 half-brothers
T – Time You Wake Up: 5-6:00 AM depending on the day.
U – Underwear: I wear it.  Never white.
V – Vegetable you dislike – beets!!!
W – Workout Style – walking, going to the gym
X – X-rays you’ve had:  Teeth! Chest, right arm, left hand, right knee
Y – Yummy Food you Make: My husband is the chef in our family. 
Z – The Best Place to Visit: Anywhere I have not yet been.  I would love to visit Ireland, England, Scotland and the Black Forest are of France/Germany.

I should also update my readers on my Feathered Star Quilt.  I’m still quilting on it, and it will be a long time in coming…

June 2013

Quilting lines are approximately one-quarter inch apart.