I thought I was finished…

but then I took a good, hard, last look.  And I listened closely.

I wasn’t finished.

A few evenings of additional stitching will do the trick.  The problem was that the area circled below (back of the quilt showing) does not have enough quilting to suit my tastes, compared to the rest of the quilt. 


So I will add a line of quilting where the borders touch, just as I did in the lime green area.


You see, I let my quilts talk to me… they tell me what they need. 

This one just isn’t ready to be done quite yet.  And that is perfectly alright with me. 

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “I thought I was finished…

  1. These days batting is so much better and less likely to shift so often that extra quilting is more about achieving balance. On the other hand, I often use a small non-directional print to hide uneven stitches on the back so those spots atr harder to spot.


  2. Beautiful stitches, Caron! I agree the extra effort will be so worth it in the long run, cause you will be happy. Isn't it great when the you stop and listen instead of just worrying about getting finished. I think if more quilters quilted this way, they would be happier with the quilts they make instead of always wanting to start something new cause they think it will be the one, if only they stopped and listened!


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