Dream, dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream, dream
When I want you in my arms
When I want you and all your charms
Whenever I want you
All I have to do is dream
Dream, dream, dream

Ahhh, yes… The Everly Brothers’ song about quilt fabric, thread, patterns, notions…

          Say WHAT? It’s not a song about quilting supplies? I was SURE that it was!


flimseyIn the United States, July is usually full of hot weather, and many quilters don’t do much quilting except for perhaps bits of hand sewing here and there, or sitting in their air conditioned sewing area with their favorite sewing machine. I don’t have a problem with hand quilting in the summer, as my house usually has the air conditioning running, and it’s fairly cool. But this IS the time of year when I plan ahead for fall and winter sewing. There is nothing I like better in the cool months of the year than sitting in my leather chair by the window with my feet propped up and my quilt hoop on my lap. My project this fall is to get back to working on my Feathered Star quilt. There is still much to do on the quilting, and I’d like it finished before Spring quilt show time.DSC02807

Another quilt I’d like to get back to is my baskets quilt… I have many more blocks to make, and it is fun to put all the different fabrics together so that each block is unique.

I would also love to start a scrappy Churn Dash with lots of grey tones in it, but I think I had better finish some other quilts before I start a new one. At least, that is the plan. We’ll see if I stick to it or not!  You see, I LOVE Churn dash quilts!  I even have a whole Pinterest Board for them!

I like to plan ahead for my fall/winter sewing and make sure I have all the tools I need. There is nothing worse than jumping into a project and finding out you need this… and that… and of course more of that other thing. I HATE when that happens, don’t you?

I’m a list-maker, and my list has been started. I need more quilting thread for my Feathered Star quilt. I need thread for sewing my basket blocks together. I prefer to piece with 100 percent cotton threads in neutral colors like tan, cream and grey. I will need more of those colors, so I think I’ll order them soon. The basket handles on my baskets quilt are appliqued to the background, and I need another pack of straw needles.

Before my list is complete, I want to carefully visualize what I want the quilting to look like on the baskets quilt. I think I will sketch out some designs for the area between the basket and handle, and also determine whether I want the blocks set with alternating plain blocks, or have each block be a basket. Still not sure. More dreaming to do!

Have you started your fall dreaming yet? Is your list on your table or saved in your phone or iPad? If not, what are you waiting for? Let’s get crackin’!

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