Baskets Set on Point

Wow!    I just had a weekend that was WAY too full of things to do… Taking care of my Father-In-Law, getting groceries in two different trips to the store (preparing for thanksgiving plus getting groceries for the regular week’s meals) at two different stores, doing chores around the house, running errands, Charge Conference at church on Sunday, plus attending morning service, etc.  But I did manage to squeeze in a tiny bit of sewing!



I put two of the baskets on point so that I could see how I like that, and yes, this is how they will look.  I will have a total of 18 blocks – 6 in each column.  Each scrappy basket will finish at approximately 15 inches square.  So three columns of 6 baskets (no two are alike), and two columns of neutral fabric in between the baskets.  The two columns will have the applique work on them, which has yet to be designed.  Oh, I know how it will look, but you can’t see it yet because it is stuck inside my head.  One of these days I will let it out… it will leave my head, flow down my arm into my right hand, and release itself via mechanical pencil onto paper. 

I warned you earlier in this post that this is a “do-as-I-go” project, so anything can happen.

Still, you need to Stay Tuned!

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