Inch by inch Progress

It’s amazing, but when I had two young boys at home, the speed at which I was able to make a quilt top was SO much faster than now as an adult with a full time job and no children living at home.  It seems like sewing time is squeezed into a few minutes here and there when I can fit it in.  Perhaps one of these days retirement will afford me more time… Maybe.

IMG_5621I have added some leaves and flowers to the quilt since the last time I posted.  The flowers are made from this fabric, an ombre.  Using this type of fabric affords me the opportunity for many different shades of the same color, which I like.  All flowers on one plant are not the same exact color in nature, so why make them all the same on my quilt? 

The stems on the plants were easily made by using a Bias Tape Maker.  I used the quarter-inch size, but a half-inch is also available at



Not sure if you can see him in this picture, but a little hummingbird is trying his best to get some nectar from the honeysuckle towards the bottom left side. One of these days I’ll take a better picture for you.

Until then, Keep on Stitching!

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