Trudy’s Doll Quilt, 1981

Sometimes the gifts quilters make come back to stay where they were born.  Thus is the fate of this little doll quilt. 

The quilt was made early-on in my quilting career for my Mother-in-Law, who was an antique dealer and antique doll collector.  It measures 25.5 inches by 35.5 inches and is a mixture of scraps that I had on hand at the time; some 100% cotton, some a polyester/cotton blend.  I am sure that the batting is Mountain Mist Lite. 


As mentioned on the label, the quilt was made in 1981.  I began quilting in 1977 and was self-taught. 

C.L. Mosey stands for Caron Lee Mosey


I did not have much experience choosing or designing the motifs for the hand quilting, so I used simple hearts on this quilt, and tiny butterflies.  I get a chuckle out of this quilt… in looking at it, the little houses weren’t pieced (as would have been the tradition).  They were appliqued.  So you see, as new quilters we do what we can do with what we have and what we know.  We might know a lot, or we might not know much at all!  But whatever we do will be treasured by someone else, and that is the BEST we can do!


One thought on “Trudy’s Doll Quilt, 1981

  1. So your MIL kept this as a treasure all these years-so very heartwarming to read. And even after 30 something years-your stitches are awesome.
    Thank you for digging into the treasure chest ❤


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