Part 2: Hand Piecing With the Nine Patch Quilt Adventure

Hello, hand quilters!  Are you ready to start hand piecing with your scrappy squares?  I know you’ve been busy cutting your 2.5 inch squares of your leftover 100% cotton fabrics and are just itchin’ to get stitchin’, so let’s get started!

This is what you are going to make with your own background fabric and scrappy squares.

To make this block  you will need:

  • 8    2.5 inch squares from your chosen background fabric (mine is the gray print)
  • 10   2.5 inch scrappy squares
  • 2   6.5 inch squares from your chosen background fabric (mine is the gray print)

I find it helps if I keep my squares in front of me.  That way I can lay them out and I always know what to sew next. Lay out one scrappy block so that you can see it.

Step 1. Using your 2 inch square template, trace around the template on the BACK of your cut 2.5 inch square.  I use a mechanical pencil, but any sharp pencil will do. 

Step 2.  Do the same thing with another square. 

Step 3. Place a pin in the corner.

Step 4. Put your needle in the corner OPPOSITE the pin.  Start stitching the squares together as shown, working your way towards the corner that has the pin.  I usually take 3-5 stitches, then do 1 back stitch and repeat until I get to the corner. 

Step 5. Stitch until you get to the corner where the pin is.  Stop at the pin, remove the pin, and knot your thread. 

 Step 6. As you sew your blocks together, you will come to seams. ALWAYS leave your seams free; do not stitch them down.  You want them to be free so that when you press your block, you can press the seam to either side.  When you get to a seam, slide your needle through the seam as shown, and pull it through; then keep stitching.

Step 7.  After nine squares have been sewn together to make a block, you will want to sew it to one of the 6.5 inch background squares. Lay the background square print-side up. Place your pieced block on top of the background block FACE DOWN. Match the corners and pin two corners in place in a straight line.  Using the lines on the pieced block as your guide, stitch along the pinned line making sure that your seams are free (see above).  You will make two sets of the 9 patch block sewn to the background fabric.

Step 8. Once you have two sets of these sewn, you are ready to put them together.  Lay one set over the top of the other and pin into place.  You will sew along the nine patch section using the seam lines as your guide.  Sew to the seam where the solid 6.5 inch square is.

Step 9.  Flip your block over, pin along the remainder of the edge you were sewing.  Now you will sew the nine patch block that has not yet been stitched to the background using the drawn lines.  Sew along the lines until you get to the corner, knot your thread and clip it.

Step 10. Keep making more units like the one you just finished!  Press your seams after you sew each section, and be consistent with each block.  You want them all pressed the same.

Please let me know if you are participating in the Hand Piecing 9 Patch Adventure!  Send an email to caron mosey at gmail dot com or leave a comment below this post.

 Hand Quilting Supplies may be found on Etsy 

2 thoughts on “Part 2: Hand Piecing With the Nine Patch Quilt Adventure

  1. Very nice, clear tutorial. This is going to be lovely quilt. Have you ever hear of, or used the Inklingo software? You iron your scraps/fabric to freezer paper, then run them through your printer. It places cutting and sewing lines on the fabric. I believe it allows you to select the lightest visible color so you don't have great black lines everywhere. It is great for people (like me) who love hand-sewing, but don't like messing with templates and hand marking on fabric.


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