Planning Your Quilt

If you started the 9 Patch Hand Piecing Adventure, you are probably cutting out your 2.5 and 6.5 inch squares.  You might have already sewn some squares together! At some point in time, you could be wondering  just how large you want your quilt to be.  Will it be a lap quilt or crib quilt?  Perhaps you will want something big enough to cuddle under while you watch television (my favorite size).

A nine-patch quilt like the one we are making is great for beginners for several reasons.  One is that it is all straight lines and hard to mess up.  Another is that it uses up those little random pieces of scrap fabric you have scattered around your house.  A great reason is that because the quilt is based on a two-inch square, it makes it easy to adjust sizes.

Let’s look at the different parts! Remember, every square on this quilt has ¼ inch seam allowance around it!
There are 4 rows of sets and 3.5 columns.  Don’t forget to consider seam allowances!
This quilt should measure 42 inches wide (+ ½ inch on each side  X  48 inches long (plus ¼ inch on each side of the quilt)

I will probably want a quilt that is larger than this one, as my quilt will be what I call a “TV quilt.”   I will probably want a border on the quilt to set it off… so I might make my quilt 48 inches wide (plus seam allowances on both sides) and 60 inches long (plus seam allowances on top and bottom).  

I think I will also add a 2 inch border all the way around the quilt in my background fabric, plus a 2 inch scrappy border around that, followed by another border 4 inches wide.  So, if I figure this out correctly, my finished quilt should be:

68 total
56 total

I will need a grand total of 20 9 Patch Sets, which means I will need to sew 40   9 Patch Blocks.  My finished quilt should (hopefully) look like this:

You might be wondering how I drafted this picture… I didn’t use quilt software.  
I used what I am comfortable with, which is Microsoft Excel!  
Decide how you want YOUR quilt to look, and draw it out on your computer or tablet of paper.  Have fun playing with the design, and share it with others who are also doing the 9 Patch Hand Piecing Adventure! 
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3 thoughts on “Planning Your Quilt

  1. My nine patch comes right out of my tin of one and a half inch squares. I cut all my scraps into four, three, two, or one inch squares and throw out anything smaller. My one-inch tin is always fullest.
    The quilt I am working on now will be an 8-patch so I can use up more of those small squares.


  2. I haven't played with my fabric for several years. A couple of weeks ago I decided to do some hand piecing so I had something to take with me when I watch my teenage son play football (Aussie Rules). I wouldn't mind joining you with a hand pieced 9-patch.


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