Nine Patch Adventure: Marking the Quilt

I like to experiment from time to time. Sometimes I take big leaps, other times I take tiny steps. This time it’s a tiny step.

I completed my Nine-Patch quilt top, and am excited about hand quilting it. The quilting design isn’t going to be extremely fancy. No, this time I am going for an old, rustic charm appeal. The 6 inch squares will be getting a design borrowed from another quilt that I made a few years ago. You may have seen it: it’s called Feathered Cheddar.

In the borders, I am doing a traditional design called “Baptist Fans” spaced one inch apart. I made my own by using a compass on an old manila folder.  I don’t know why they named the design “Baptist Fans.”  Maybe I should call mine “Methodist Fans” because I am a member of and work for the Methodist Church. Hmmm.  Catholic Fans.  Presbyterian Fans.  Apostolic Fans… we could start a new trend!

I cut on the lines and numbered each arch.

I have heard great things about using the Crayola washable markers.  I tested all the colors on various fabrics, let them sit for awhile, ironed them, and threw them in the washing machine with a load of laundry.  Presto!  No marks remained, so I started using them to mark this quilt.

I will be stitching diagonally on the scrappy squares as I go, and I don’t think I need to mark those lines.  If I do, I will mark them as I go.  It might be a good use of my Hera marker.


Before I can begin the hand quilting, I need to put my quilt sandwich together.  If you go to an earlier post you can see how I put it all together. I get SO excited when I know I can hand quilt soon!
The sandwiching of my quilt was delayed for about a week due to the August 14th arrival of this gorgeous little boy.  Welcome to my new grandson, Carson.  Such a sweet little guy!

Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! August 2015
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