Remembering all the stitches… It was well worth it!

I love to put a lot of hand quilting on my quilts.  There’s something about all those little puckers that warm me up and make me smile.  This quilt is stitched every quarter-inch.  I thought adding it to the October fun at Amy’s Creative Side would be in order…

This Feathered Star is one of my favorite quilts now.  I was sitting and stitching last night on a simple Nine Patch quilt, with the rows of stitching about 1.25 inches apart.  It made me think of this quilt and how it took FOREVER and a day to do all the stitching. Many people probably wonder why anyone would add that much stitching to a quilt.


Just because.

Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2015.
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