Caron’s Workshops and Lectures

Floral Design for Quilters: 1 or 2 day Workshop (limit 20 people)


As the daughter of a florist, floral design is in Caron’s blood.  If you enjoy appliqué, this class is for you! Students should have some prior experience with hand appliqué (this class will not use fusible products or machine appliqué ). Learn how to create beautiful free-style quilts using the basics of floral design.  Explore a variety of botanicals and create your own templates.  This workshop will stretch your creativity!  A one-day workshop will introduce the basics of design and flower structure, creating templates, and embellishing.  A two-day workshop will be a more intensive look and more hands-on guidance.


Quilt it By Hand  1 day Workshop (limit 15 people)

Hand quilting is Caron’s specialty.  Hand quilting is fast becoming a dying art, and becoming proficient takes practice.  If you have never hand quilted before, this is your opportunity!  Learn how to choose the right quilting designs to enhance your pattern, select the right batting for your project, how to properly mark your quilt top, and how to baste your quilt without ruining your knees.  As a group, we will put a quilt in the frame and practice quilting together.  In no time the “rocking stitch” will become automatic!

Aurora Borealis

Your Own Mariner’s Compass

2 day workshop (limit 20 people)

Learn how to design your own unique Mariner’s Compass and translate it into fabric.  Explore a variety of Mariner’s Compass designs throughout history, then learn the basics of circular pattern design. Prepare templates for hand or machine piecing OR create templates for paper piecing.  Choose the right fabrics to create the look you want and to add dimension.


YES, You CAN Appliqué by Hand!

Full-day Workshop

If you thought you couldn’t possibly appliqué, especially by hand, this is your class! No experience required. Learn how to prepare and mark your fabric, select thread, make your own templates, create the appliqué stitch on a straight line, circle, concave and convex curves and more.  A pattern for a small wall hanging, fabric and supply requirements will be provided prior to the class. Please note: fusible products will NOT be allowed on the premises during this class. If you have never had a thimble on your finger, please get one to fit the middle finger on the hand you write with and practice wearing it. (Note: photo is an example of hand appliqué, not a representation of workshop’s wall hanging, which is a surprise!)


Lectures are designed to suit the needs of the group.  Contact Caron to discuss the options available!

If you are interested in a workshop or lecture for your group, please feel free contact me for details.

caron mosey at gmail dot com

Phone: 810-610-8172

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