Welcome to Michigan Quilts!

I made the jump from my older blog space at Blogger to a new (and soon to be improved) space at WordPress!  It took some doing, lots of confusion and lots of learning, but here it is!  This blog at http://caronmosey.com is a continuation of the previous blog, not a replacement.  Please be patient while I perfect my site.  Let me know what needs tweaked and what you hope to find / learn / see / try, etc.

In addition to working on the new blog site, I have been stitching away in the evenings on my scrappy nine patch quilt.  I love how it looks, and am anxious to see it finished… but that won’t happen for a little while, so stay tuned!

IMG_6663IMG_6732      IMG_6735

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Michigan Quilts!

  1. That quilt is beautiful your quilting is outstanding ! That had to take you a long time wow! I love quilting I am better at piecing then quilting I do stitch in ditch or tie my quilts I love the free motion look it’s gorgeous!


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