How to Follow a Blog and the Proper Way to Leave Comments

If you find a blog that you really enjoy and would love to read more articles (posts) from the author, it’s good to know that most blogs have a built-in method to help you do so.

Feedly_LogoOn blogs created by WordPress, such as this blog, you will often find an area on the blog that says, “Follow Blog via Email.”  By simply clicking on the button that says “FOLLOW,” you will automatically receive a message each time a new article (post) is created.  Many Blogger blogs will include a “Join this site” button which functions much the same way.  

Another way to follow your favorite blogs is to use a blog reader.  I really like to use FEEDLY, and use that almost exclusively for reading blogs I follow.  If you go to and create an account, you can add all of the blogs you enjoy into a list with categories that work for you.

Below is a quick screenshot of a slice of my Feedly list.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10

As a regular reader of a blog, one of the things I enjoy is the ability to communicate with the person who has written the blog.  I have made many friends around the world just by leaving regular comments on their articles (posts). If you look at any blog, there is usually a place for the reader to leave a comment on any post.  It affords the reader an opportunity to respond favorably to what has been shared, or to express their own opinions and ideas about what was said.

Blog authors will often share their posts with others through social media, such as Facebook.  I know I do that myself quite frequently.  When you see a link to someone’s blog post and click through to read the article, ALWAYS leave any comments on the blog article itself, NOT on Facebook. By leaving your comments on the article itself (on the blog), you are helping that author expand their readership to areas outside of the Facebook group.

Take a few minutes to explore Feedly and see it it works for you.  Try leaving a comment on some of the blogs you enjoy.

Who knows, your new best friend may just be out there waiting for you!