Snowflakes in Hawaii?

Does it snow in Hawaii?  I never would have thought so, but here is proof that it does.

Yesterday we talked about making snowflakes Snowflakeand how some quilters turn them into quilts. Hawaiian quilts are designed in much the same way.  The Poakalani & Co. website is a great place to visit to see some beautiful Hawaiian quilts. Not only can you see some beautiful quilts, but you can also purchase patterns for many of them!

You can find directions on making a Hawaiian quilt at  but I think the best way to learn how to design is to start with making snowflakes, as we discussed yesterday.  Play around with folding paper.  I would start by folding a square into four equal quadrHawaiianants, drawing on a design, and then cutting it out.  See what you can do with four sections. When you’ve played around with that, try folding paper as if you are creating a paper snowflake.  I find it easier to use a large sheet of tissue paper.  It is easier to fold and cut, but you do have to be careful as it is thinner than printer paper.  Martha Stewart’s website shows how to fold snowflakes.  Click here to check it out!

Your Hawaiian design does not have to look like a snowflake!  It can look like anything you’d like it to!  Simple shapes may be found in children’s coloring books.  Trace them onto your paper!  Or do a Google search for floral and fauna shapes and include those!  There is no limit to the possibilities!

I have sPinterest logoeveral Hawaiian quilts saved on Pinterest.  You might enjoy checking them out for inspiration!   When you get tired of playing around with paper, you might like to relax and read The Aloha Quilt (Elm Creek Quilts) by Jennifer Chiaverini.

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