Realtor/Quilter Caron is Back!!!

Yes, I have been away from the blog world for quite some time now.  “Why,” you ask? Several reasons.  My hubby and I have been dealing with elderly parents, those both in and out of assisted living facilities… and managing their homes, properties and belongings, etc.  So we have been taking care of our OWN yard, in addition to the yards of our parents and that of my husband’s business.

I have been trying to squeeze in some hand quilting time when I can, but then started getting pain in my right hand which prevented me from stitching.  I’ve seen a specialist, and for two months did not quilt at all (UGH!).  It turns out I have arthritis in my hand, so I have some things I have to do to learn the best way for me to proceed as a quilter.

I am also working as a Realtor in the Mid-Michigan area, specifically working as a Buyer’s Agent for the Lucy Ham Group, Inc. in Flushing, Michigan.  I’m loving being back in real estate (I did this in another life many moons ago) and I’m adjusting to the crazy schedule of being a Realtor.

To top this all off, my husband and I are facing that time in our lives when things change.  We’re not getting any younger.  Hubby is ready to build a new studio on our property where he can be creative, and where he can enjoy doing all the things he has wanted to do but never had the time for.  We are both looking at finishing our basement so that I have a proper sewing area that I have been wanting for a long time.  Since we built this house in 1996 (ish), my sewing area has been in an unfinished basement with cement block walls, a few random tables and several extension cords.  I need to do better than that, and I’m ready for it!

How does this impact you?  I’m going to be writing more on this blog, about a variety of different things: quilting, finishing the basement, creating a sewing area, building hubby a studio out back, about living life as a Realtor, and… OH YES!  Let’s not forget our newest family member, NOODLE, our new dog!  More about Noodle in another post.

So stay tuned, prepare for some changes in 2017, and here we go!!!