What is “YOUR THING?”

Everybody has their own “thing.”  Some of us have more than one.  My “thing” is quilting by hand.  I can spot a quilt one hundred miles away.  I can look at different quilts and with some degree of certainty, tell you the name of the pattern.  Sitting in my leather chair with my feet up and stitching with a quilt on my lap puts me into that happy place… it relaxes me, provides a sense of calm and gives me a sense of purpose and pride.  Some people have asked me why I choose to hand quilt.  “Don’t you own a sewing machine?  You should go buy one so that you can finish your sewing faster,” they say.  OMG, no way!   My goal is not to quilt fast.  That is the opposite of what I want to do!  I choose to go slow.  I will not put my foot on the accelerator to finish a project quickly.  I want slow.  The world is too fast already.

My husband has several “Things.”  He is a 5th generation Woodworker, preparing to retire soon.  While it is his job, it is so much more than that.  He takes great pride in building every piece of furniture JUST SO… doing it in the traditional way of his ancestors, who started the family business back in England eons ago.

Another “Thing” my hubby has is motorcycles.  We have two living in our garage (hey, this is Michigan and it’s freezing out!).  Oh, let’s not forget his “Thing” for music.  You could grab a song and play it for him and he would most likely know a) who wrote it b) who is singing it, and c) who played which instrument in the group playing that song.  Yup, music is his “Thing.”

If you scroll back to the top of this post, there’s a question there for you.  What is “Your Thing?”

Here’s another “Thing” to ponder.  If you were buying a different house to live in, what would you need to have to support “Your Thing?”

I need:  

  • lots of fabric storage space
  • good lighting
  • lots of electrical outlets for irons, a radio or stereo, my laptop computer, sewing machines (yes, I do own a few), etc.
  • A nice floor that I can sweep or vacuum
  • A design wall that I can use to pin up portions of the quilt while I am working on it.
  • A heat source.  My current basement is freezing.
  • A comfortable lounging chair so I can sit and hand quilt if I choose
  • A wall separating my sewing area from the storage area of the basement.  (My husband would say “just get the crap out of there and the problem is solved.”  Ignore him.

For hubby Dean’s “Thing” for music, he would need:

  • A room that is not too warm.

Multiple shelving units:

  • At least one unit for all the LPs he owns from back in the day (we won’t say which day we’re talking about)
  • One shelving unit for cassette tapes
  • At least one unit for CD’s … no, better make that two units, floor to ceiling height
  • Shelf space for a turn-table
  • Space for a cassette player/recorder
  • A CD player
  • Dividers for all of the above (you know… so you can arrange them by either musician’s name, name of the band, release date of the album, style of music, etc.)
  • A comfy chair in which to sit and listen to music
  • A table to sit at to do crossword puzzles while listening to music
  • A collection of “perfect pens” to use on crossword puzzles
  • Space for his Mac, desk and chair

For hubby Dean’s “Thing” for motorcycles, he would need:

  • A heated, lighted barn, 40 ft x 60 ft…
  • Oh, never mind the barn.  We can’t afford this thing and all the bikes that would eventually come to live with him in this barn.  Yes, you read that right.

So if you are thinking about buying a new home, think carefully about “Your Thing.”  Make a list of what you would require so that your needs are met.  Share that list with your Realtor, spouse,  and family.  Consider the other people in your home, and what the important “Things” in their lives are.  Those matter, too.