Do You Hate Sewing Labels?

One thing about quilting that I really dislike is deciding on how to create a label.  Labels are important on quilts; they usually tell who made the quilt and when.  They can also include additional information, such as who will or has received the quilt, what the occasion was, and so much more.

I wonder why I haven’t created labels like this in such a long time?  They sure are easier (for me at least).

Here are the labels on my Tumbling Blocks quilt.  You will be able to know what year I made it by looking above.  And below, you can see my first and last name!



I enjoyed making this little quilt.  When I was working on it, my boys were so young!  I used cotton fabric and Mountain Mist Poly batting.  It sure made hand quilting easy, I remember that!  My stitches have not been this tiny for a very long time.  I wonder why? Is it the batting I’m using now, or is it my age?  What kind of labels do YOU enjoy using?  I think I will the label for my next quilt the same way and compare now… to then.