How Do You Organize Your Fabrics?

We are all a little different… Some of us are totally unorganized, some of us are messy, many of us have good intentions but never seem to reach them… yes, all a little different.

In thinking ahead, within the next half-year or so, I will have a space in my home that will be dedicated to quilting, so I’m searching for that perfect plan that will keep me on-task and organized. So what do YOU do to keep yourself organized? Do you arrange your fabrics by color? Are they on shelves, in boxes, in bins, or in garbage bags spread throughout the area?storage.jpg

I’ve been all over Pinterest searching for the perfect plan. I have yet to decide. I kind of like this combination of a cutting and storage area, Saved from

What have YOU done? Leave a comment here on my blog and describe your sewing area. Let’s see if we can problem-solve this together!