How Do You Organize Your Fabrics?

We are all a little different… Some of us are totally unorganized, some of us are messy, many of us have good intentions but never seem to reach them… yes, all a little different.

In thinking ahead, within the next half-year or so, I will have a space in my home that will be dedicated to quilting, so I’m searching for that perfect plan that will keep me on-task and organized. So what do YOU do to keep yourself organized? Do you arrange your fabrics by color? Are they on shelves, in boxes, in bins, or in garbage bags spread throughout the area?storage.jpg

I’ve been all over Pinterest searching for the perfect plan. I have yet to decide. I kind of like this combination of a cutting and storage area, Saved from

What have YOU done? Leave a comment here on my blog and describe your sewing area. Let’s see if we can problem-solve this together!

3 thoughts on “How Do You Organize Your Fabrics?

  1. I have very little space and houses here are subjected to winds carrying dust all the way from China, so putting things neatly on shelves would never work. I also do not buy yards of fabric without a purpose, so what I have to sort … other than gifts from the stashes of friends … are scraps. My second job to teaching has been a librarian for many years, even to date. so I love having a place for everything and everything in its place. Of course, at any given time, there are fabrics wandering around the house being auditioned for projects, but they live in buckle boxes that can be stacked, and are sorted by color … with things like blues and greens sub-divided into darks and lights.I also have containers for other things like ginghams, plaids, large and small florals, polkadots and stars, Christmas prints, etc.
    I have a huge buckle box of kid-friendly prints for making I-Spy or alphabet baby quilts with those sub-divided into baggies.
    Small scraps I cut into the largest square and have tins of one to five inch blocks. I also keep a tin of one inch strips divided into baggies by length and the same for two inch strips. Anything smaller than an inch square goes into the waste. (my pieces in those tins are marked and cut with a quarter inch seam allowance). The boxes are stacked along a hallway where the sun cannot reach.
    Of course, at any given time I have pulled fabrics out to audition and those tend to gather in piles on the sofa where I work. Maybe I need a conveyor belt to take them back upstairs to their boxes. Whatever you do, the plan will need to be tweaked to your own needs. Happy sorting!


  2. I have very large stacking plastic drawers where I organize fabrics by color. Some drawers house multicolored fabrics. I also have smaller stacking plastic drawers where I organize scraps by color. Again, some drawers have multicolored fabrics. I use different baskets for all 2 1/2″ squares, 2 1/2″ strips, and other cuts that I plan to use. I also store large fabric pieces (more than 4 yards) on bolts. For me, it is important to be able to see and easily be able to access everything. Good Luck!


  3. I keep my fabric in wire baskets from Ikea. They fit under my cutting table (also from ikea) and I call pull the wire baskets out, set them on the cutting table, and easily find what I need. They work great. I just need more now! Hope you have fun finding the perfect set up for you!


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