When you get an itch, scratch it!

You’ve all heard that old saying, “When you get an itch, scratch it!”  Well, I have an itch.  I just feel like making a scrappy quilt.  The color blue pops into my  mind… and one of my grandsons could use a new quilt.  So today I decided that the scrappy quilt itch needs scratched!

I thought for SURE I had a ton of blue fabric in my basement stash bin.  It turns out I don’t have as much as I thought!  I have about 3/4 of a bolt of solid blue fabric that dates back to the dawn of man (almost).  That will work as the back.  But I want the front to be scrappy, so I pulled out as many different blue fabrics as I could find that weren’t all flowery (remember, this is for a boy).  They are now in my washing machine.  I do need to get myself to a fabric store and buy several yards of plain white fabric, though.  I spotted this design on Pinterest, and it seems like a great way to use up some of what I have.  But you know, I will certainly also look for additional blue prints to add to the mix.  You know you would do the same, right?Fischers.Quilt.jpg

I’m not sure if my quilt will end up looking just like this one… I am still pondering that.  Time will tell.  I have a lot of ironing to do before I can use my fabric.  And I need to make the two templates.  I think I will hand piece the top, as it will give me something to do in the evening while watching television.


Stay tuned for future updates!  And if you’re working on a scrappy quilt, why don’t you share it with others?  If you’re a member of the Celebrate Hand Quilting Group on Facebook, post your scrappy quilt-in-progress.