Dare to be Different: Just a Thought…

Are you a follower? Do you follow and copy trends that you see so you fit in with the crowd? I think many (or most) of us have done that at one stage or the other in our lives. Think back to when you were a young teenager. Did you dress like everyone else out of fear that you would be made fun of if you didn’t? Did you follow the crowd and cheer for the most popular team “just because?”

I’ll be honest, here… as a teen, my ability to “fit in” was based on what my family could afford, not on what the current style was. And that teenage girl did the best she could to follow trends but never seemed to be able to catch up.

A day or two ago, I posted a photo of our front door on my Facebook page. When we first built our home back about 20 years ago, we wanted it to look different. We were the first home to be built in our neighborhood, and in driving through our community, we noticed that most houses that were being built had brick on the outside. Nobody had flagstone. NOBODY. We wanted to be unique, so that is what we requested from our builder. We absolutely adored it! Our white siding looked fantastic with maroon-colored shutters and a maroon-colored front door. Along with our flagstones, it made a great combination. Sad to say, when the house across the street was built, it had white siding, flagstone and maroon door and shutters. HEAVY SIGH.

My husband counted red and maroon front doors on our street recently. There are approximately 16 of them on our street alone. So our front door has now changed to dark gray to match our newly-painted shutters and porch bench. We enjoy being unique.

Do you enjoy being different? Or are you a follower? I recently bought a new car. Tired of seeing all the silver, white, black and tan cars in my area, I went with a shiney copper just so I would be slightly different. It’s a little thing, I know, but it makes me smile.

As a Realtor, I look at houses on a daily basis, both inside and out. Pinterest seems to dictate how people decorate their homes these days. I see a lot of houses with the same color pallet inside. I see lots of signs with writing on them hanging on walls. Lots of painted pictures created by women who took classes where everyone painted the same exact picture. I just don’t get that, but whatever. Pets are even becoming “the thing” around here. New puppies are springing up everywhere, and even they are ruled by trends. Our dog “Noodle” was a rescue dog, not a trendy dog… but we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

As a quilter, I cringe everytime I see someone post that they really like another quilter’s finished quilt and then turn around and ask them if they can have the pattern… followed by, “Where did you get the fabric and what is it called?” I LOVE IT when people take a risk and do their own thing rather than create a copy-cat version of someone else’s talent.

When was the last time that you designed your OWN quilt? Did you know that it’s entirely acceptable to mix and blend fabrics from different designers? You don’t have to stick with the same designer’s fabric all through one quilt. Mixing it up can give you a delightful look that other people might not have thought to do. Give it a try, and DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!