Two-Color Quilts

Feathered_CheddarWhat is a two-color quilt?  I often hear from quilters who are puzzled about this question, but it has a pretty simple answer:  It is a quilt that has ONLY two SOLID color materials in it.  I have posted a photo of “Feathered Cheddar” as an example.

A two-colored quilt does not contain an array of variations of color.  For example, if the quilt featured here were to have several different blue fabrics and several different cheddar orange fabrics in it, it would NOT be a two-color quilt.

Likewise, if this quilt were made of a blue printed fabric and a cheddar printed fabric, it would NOT be a two-color quilt.  Two-color quilts are minimalistic.  In 2011, the American Folk Art Museum featured an exhibit of red and white quilts.  You can see a good photograph from that exhibit here:

Have you sewn a two-color quilt?  They are actually VERY fun and very simple to make! The only thing a two-color quilt asks of you is that you pick… TWO COLORS and stick to them.  Make your quilt bold, or make it be delicate and graceful.  That’s your choice!  Have fun choosing your TWO COLORS!




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