The Future is Now!

It dates back to around 1975 or 76… a strong longing for time to myself; Time to sew, to clear a space in the house in which to keep my sewing machine and ironing board set up permanently. A design wall to hang quilts-in-progress… where I can pin into the wall and not worry about the holes I create. A place where my fabric can relax in a cabinet all folded nicely – or not; arranged by color – or not. An office of my own where I can sit and write… but most of all, time. I read a quote recently that is on my mind now on a regular basis: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” The quote is attributed to John Lennon, however I have also seen it attributed to other individuals as well. But for me, the thing that puts a smile on my face more than anything is that time is now MINE. I can (mostly) do with it what I want. I am now retired! Those things that I wished for long ago have mostly come true.

I’m sitting in my office with a laptop computer on my desk. My fabric storage cabinet is downstairs, stocked with fabrics of all colors and patterns. They are “sort of” grouped by color, but could all use a good pressing. My design wall has a barn on it… a barn quilt, that is, in an artsy style. It will get finished one of these days.

I’ve been working on a quilt for one of my grandsons, piecing it all by hand. It will also get hand quilted. I made Fischer a quilt just like the one shown below.  Fischer’s favorite color is blue, so I dove into my stash of blue fabrics, all selected randomly and put into place with no precision. His little cousin Carson will get one almost identical for Christmas this year. I know he will also love his quilt  and use it daily.  And both little guys will help me use up my stash of blue fabrics.  YAY!  


So, my friends, welcome to my future! I’m loving it, looking forward to designing some new quilts for me, for family, and… for whatever. I will be writing more, posting more, and sharing more with you. Feel free to ask what you want. I’ll respond as best I can and try to include as many pictures as possible. Please share your thoughts and your projects as well, and let’s make this future a real blast!

2 thoughts on “The Future is Now!

  1. I read this with a bit of envy. How I wish I had a room in this rabbit hutch to dedicate to my quilt projects… a design wall that is not the carpet covered in dog hair … an ironing board that could be left out … and more than one dy a week that I am not rushing off to some work or other activity. At least, me fabrics are sorted by color in buckle boxes that can be stacked in any order depending on what I am using at the time (or moved out of the way when I need to find something in the bookcase behind them).


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