How do you Kick your Quilting Drive into High Gear?


I know we all go through those times where we just can’t figure out what it is that we want to do… Do I pick up a book and read?  Do I take a walk?  Knit?  Sew? watch TV? Normally, I con’t have a problem with this, but I’m finding myself at home and wondering what to do with myself.  I have a quilt to work on, however it just stares at me, and I stare right back at it.  I have two furry kids who could always get more attention, I have television shows I could watch (but find boring), and I could visit a fabric shop nearby, but the only one close is JoAnn Fabrics.  I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs.  Help me (and others) with some suggestions for getting our mo-joe going, please!



2 thoughts on “How do you Kick your Quilting Drive into High Gear?

  1. I’m right there with ya sista! I stitched fast and furious on a king size appliqué quilt to meet a deadline, and I’m pretty sure I burnt myself out. Now, like you, I just can’t get excited about anything. I hate this feeling and praying it passes soon.


  2. I read a book, knit, take hike, bake cookies, take a trip, go on a quilting retreat, go fabric shopping, clean my studio, begin some deep cleaning in my house (closets, drawers, washing walls), … And then I’m usually inspired to begin a new quilt. With that renewed energy, I usually also finish whatever is started. It might take an hour or a couple of weeks. Good Luck!


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