Challenge Yourself!

Have you seen my phone?  Do you know where I last put it?  I swear that phone has feet and walks away all on its own!  If you should find it at your house, would you please let me know?  It has a Kate Spade cover with black and white stripes.  I think I look for that phone at least 10 times every day.  Wait… you too?!?

It is said that as you get older, it gets harder and harder to remember things.  Boy, isn’t that the truth!  My Dear husband watches Jeopardy almost every single night.  I sit beside him as he answers almost every question, and I am baffled at the memory this man has.  How does one do that?  They also say that it is important to keep your brain active and try new things.   Hmmm… I enjoy reading, and I try as best I can to challenge myself to read more.  Hubby also does a large number of crossword puzzles.  I’ve never been good at them. I am trying to teach myself how to use WordPress better.  WordPress is a software program for blogging.  I find it pretty difficult, so every day I’m attempting to learn something new about it.  It’s a real challenge!

Quite often I hear from other quilters who want a pattern for a quilt design.  I don’t think I have ever purchased a quilt pattern.  Normally, if there is a design that I like, I whip out some graph paper and attempt to create a “similar” design, but I really prefer to design something unique on my own… a one-of-a-kind design.

I enjoy reading, and now that I have officially retired, I’m pushing myself to sit down with a book much more frequently than I have in a long time.  I’m currently reading Mirror Image by Danielle Steel.

What do you do to challenge yourself?  Share it with us!  Maybe we can help each other!

Mirror Image.jpg

3 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself!

  1. After reading the newspaper each morning, I work the Jumble puzzle and the Sudoku puzzle. I time myself on both these puzzles, and usually can get the Jumble done in 2-5 minutes. The Sudoku takes longer, depending on the difficulty level. Some days I have to take a second go at it! If I successfully complete both these, I allow myself to do the word search. Then on to my day. And, oh, yes – my husband and I watch Wheel and Jeopardy most evenings after the news; and we are both avid readers.

    Another discipline, which I believe helps me to pay attention to the world around me, is writing one haiku verse per week. A few years ago, a friend and I challenged each other to write one haiku per week and to e-mail our verses to each other each Tuesday; hence, Tuesday is HaikuDay. I have found that trying to condense a complete thought into seventeen syllables is a challenge. Also, trying to come up with a subject for each week’s verse makes me pay attention to the world around me, whether nature, politics, holidays, or family. One of my favorites from last summer:
    nocturnal frog songs
    solemn basses, bright tenors –
    summer serenade

    Some teaching responsibilities and writing assignments (either for others, or just for myself) serve as additional challenges.


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