Parting with the past, preparing for the future

Today marks an important day in my family, as we hold an estate sale for my parents.  My mother has been gone since 2007, but my father is still alive, though he lives out of the area now.  At age 95, he needs a lot of assistance, can’t hear very well, and does a lot of sleeping.  For the past several months, we’ve been making arrangements for the sale, and it just hit me this morning that everything in the house that we normally see… and have seen daily for years… will be disappearing one-by-one.  That’s a strange feeling. There are some things yet in the house that Dad has asked that we ship to him, and what he wants are strange items.  I’m wondering what he will do after the sale when he remembers something else that he wants… but that is no longer his?

Preparing for the sale has also caused me to think about our own objects and what will become of them when we’re older.  In my mind, I know who I want to give certain quilts to.  But what about all the fabric, sewing items such as my good Gingher scissors, sewing machines, etc.?  I guess it’s not wise to sit and think about all of this, but it is difficult NOT to!  Do you have a plan in place for your sewing collection of stuff?  What will you do with it?  Do you know who will get it?

4 thoughts on “Parting with the past, preparing for the future

  1. I think about this a lot! My husband knows not to throw things away. I just hope my grandchildren are interested in some of my things.


  2. My stash is mostly made up of fabrics that others departed with for that very reason. Some were cut and some sewed into small blocks, probably part of something bigger though I have no idea. I figure I will have to live to 200 just to use all that up. I was just looking at a scrap quilt I am working on now, and wondering if there is even one piece of fabric in there that I purchased. Good luck with the sale.

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  3. I’m lucky….my oldest owns an estate sale business. He and his brother are to go through the house and take whatever they want to keep and sell the rest then split the money…Yes, the oldest comes out ahead because he will also get his commission. I have been sorting photos and will be putting together books (not photo albums, but printed books) of the best photos starting with my grandparents up to the present. I will make a new one every year or so (depending on how many photos I take). I will print a copy for each of them and one for myself. Later they can use the books to choose photos and have books to hand down to their kids. In the meantime, I am doing the Swedish Death Cleaning… for quilts, the art quilts are all being donated to SAQA to do with as they wish. Everything else gets sold….


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