Years ago, when my boys were young, I worked on this green and “white” quilt.  Part way through the piecing process, I ran out of the “white” fabric.  No big deal, right?  White is white (or cream colored, in this case). So I hopped in my trusty automobile and drove to the nearest fabric store.  I spotted some “white” fabric that looked the same, bought a few yards of it, and took it home to add to my quilt. The pieces were cut using the templates I had been using.  Each evening, I would hand stitch a few blocks and add them to the quilt.  Much to my surprise, when I finished the quilt and lay it on the floor to admire, I nearly fainted.  The “white” fabrics were not all the same!  Though the newer fabric I had purchased and added into the quilt was Okay, it was NOT THE SAME.  In fact, it was drastically different!  Well, I was not about to pull the whole quilt apart, so I left it alone.  When you stand away from the quilt, you can see the “slightly darker” pieces of “white” fabric.  They stand out, but when you are close to the quilt, you can clearly see the difference.

Jump ahead about 20+ years, and I’m working on a blue and white quilt.  Hand piecing it, actually.  I had several yards of white fabric, so no need to go purchase more.  However, part way through the piecing, I realized I just might need more fabric for the borders.  So off to JoAnn Fabrics I go.  Purchase the white fabric, take it home and sew it into place.  Yup.  You guessed it!  When sewn into place, the whites are NOT the same.  What I had most recently purchased was not the same quality fabric.  Yes, it was white.  And when you hold up the two fabrics together, they are so very similar.  But not the same.  One fabric has no polyester in it.  The other has a smidge of polyester in it, blended with the 100% cotton.  Now, who would think a SMIDGE of polyester would make a difference?  Huh?  Oh goodness, I’ve gone and done it again!  Yes, I can see the difference.  And not only that, I can FEEL the difference when I try and quilt through it.  When you stand back from the quilt and look at it, everything looks fine.  But when you get close to it, it’s quite apparent.   UGH.

Shoot me now.  Please.  And don’t ever try this on your own.  You will regret it.


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