Huff and Puff… Nope, better not even come near our house!

For the THIRD time in about one year, hoodlums in our neighborhood have destroyed large windows in my husband’s fairly new woodworking studio.  Yesterday, hubby had an opportunity to meet up with them BEFORE they did any new damage.  They were in our back yard looking in the window, and hubby and our neighbor  had a brief chat with them.. a few kids, not very old.  All seemed “almost well,” but something was fishy.  You could feel it in the air.  Then this morning while out walking the dog in our yard, hubby discovered one of the large windows in the back of his studio had been broken with a large rectangle paving stone.  An immediate call to the police was made, and plans are in action… This is the THIRD time… and it’s getting old and expensive!   huffNpuff