How Do You Organize Your Sewing Area?

I hope that your sewing area is a lot more organized than mine.  My sewing area is a disaster zone in my basement.  I have an old desk that used to be one of my son’s, a filing cabinet that needs all the files purged, a large work table that really belongs to my husband, but that I have taken hostage of, (you would understand if you saw it in person… it’s just the right height for cutting fabric with a rotary cutter) A two-door cabinet that has fabric kind-of sorted by color, but not really, a sewing table that has a mountain of clutter on it…

You’re not going to make me go on with this, are you??

Anyway, the basement is cold and damp.  I am always cold no matter what the temperature is outside, so having a cold work area is not very inspiring for me.

I know I’m not the only quilter in the world that struggles with “Sewing Area Dis-organization.”  My goal over the next few months is to de-clutter, purge, organize and add some warmth to the basement.  (I would like to call it the studio, however that would be jumping the gun and dishonest).

Please share your sewing area with the rest of us so that we can set more reasonable goals and end up with a lovely work area.

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One thought on “How Do You Organize Your Sewing Area?

  1. I guess it is a good thing to at least HAVE a quilting area, though, even if I had a basement, I don’t think I would want to sew in that spot, My “quilting area is the livingroom sofa. Stuff is stashed in tins and marked boxes under the coffee table. The rest of the stash is in buckle boxes that are sorted by color and stacked along the second floor hall. I keep special boxes for large pieces, florals, stripes, and texture prints. I also have a box of polkadots because I have a plan down the road to make an all polkadot quilt. I cannot say everything is neat and orderly. though from time to time I have to sort through small scraps and mark and cut them to put into those containers under the table. This week we are having a long holiday which means my table and sofa are suffering from the “Giant Spoon Syndrome” (where it swoops out of the sky and stirs things up).
    Don’t feel too guilty. It is the price of being creative.


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