Inch by inch Progress

It’s amazing, but when I had two young boys at home, the speed at which I was able to make a quilt top was SO much faster than now as an adult with a full time job and no children living at home.  It seems like sewing time is squeezed into a few minutes here and there when I can fit it in.  Perhaps one of these days retirement will afford me more time… Maybe.

IMG_5621I have added some leaves and flowers to the quilt since the last time I posted.  The flowers are made from this fabric, an ombre.  Using this type of fabric affords me the opportunity for many different shades of the same color, which I like.  All flowers on one plant are not the same exact color in nature, so why make them all the same on my quilt? 

The stems on the plants were easily made by using a Bias Tape Maker.  I used the quarter-inch size, but a half-inch is also available at



Not sure if you can see him in this picture, but a little hummingbird is trying his best to get some nectar from the honeysuckle towards the bottom left side. One of these days I’ll take a better picture for you.

Until then, Keep on Stitching!

Let There Be Vines!

On November 24, 2014, I showed you this peek of my baskets set on point.  I kept adding baskets until I had a panel of 5 baskets.  Then I sewed a solid strip down the center.  Eventually, there will be one more solid strip and one more basket panel. 

basket.collection2 panel1.12.31.2014 IMG_5566

The quilt will be called “Baskets of Honeysuckle, ” but it needs the honeysuckle in order to make it complete.  I am at the point where I am itching to applique’.

Before I go any further, you should know that I like to work in a pretty free-form style.  I make templates out of plastic and cardboard, but determining where I want them to go has no specific pattern.  I add things as I want to, move them around, etc..

12.31.2014Over the last week, I added some vines, and then made some templates for the leaves and flowers.  Some of the templates are based upon the beautiful quilt in this book.  Others are free-form drawings by me.  This is the stage that I LOVE!

As I teach quilting classes, my students often will ask me if they can get a copy of the pattern for my quilts.  The answer is usually “NO,” because I’m not a pattern kind of gal. 

The photo below shows you where I am right now.  The vines that you see are basted down.  More will be added to this panel.  What you probably can’t see is the blue wash out marker lines where I have plans to add some applique’ leaves and flowers.



Remember, this is a work in progress.  It might look entirely different in two weeks.  Things might be moved around, or things might be added.  Who knows how it will turn out?  I’m playing.  That’s what happens when you play!

What have YOU played with lately?

Baskets Set on Point

Wow!    I just had a weekend that was WAY too full of things to do… Taking care of my Father-In-Law, getting groceries in two different trips to the store (preparing for thanksgiving plus getting groceries for the regular week’s meals) at two different stores, doing chores around the house, running errands, Charge Conference at church on Sunday, plus attending morning service, etc.  But I did manage to squeeze in a tiny bit of sewing!



I put two of the baskets on point so that I could see how I like that, and yes, this is how they will look.  I will have a total of 18 blocks – 6 in each column.  Each scrappy basket will finish at approximately 15 inches square.  So three columns of 6 baskets (no two are alike), and two columns of neutral fabric in between the baskets.  The two columns will have the applique work on them, which has yet to be designed.  Oh, I know how it will look, but you can’t see it yet because it is stuck inside my head.  One of these days I will let it out… it will leave my head, flow down my arm into my right hand, and release itself via mechanical pencil onto paper. 

I warned you earlier in this post that this is a “do-as-I-go” project, so anything can happen.

Still, you need to Stay Tuned!

Monday applique update

I had time for a little sewing tonight and did a stem and some leaves. I like how this is turning out! The Woodworker said this is “Caron colors,” as usual. I like a muted pallet, and he said he could spot a quilt a mile away by the colors I use. Do you generally stick to the same colors?