Calendar BOM

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After one whole year of designing and making a calendar quilt block for every month, the year is now complete!  Each block has been available online FREE for at least a full month (some for the entire year).  While the blocks are no longer available free, they are available at a very affordable price if you missed one (or more).

January February
Januaryblock Februaryblock
March April
March April
May June
Mayblock JuneBlock
July August
September October
November December

All blocks are copyright 2010 Brookside Creations and may not be made for sale. 

To purchase one or more blocks, go to Paypal and sign in.  Click on the tab that says SEND MONEY.  Enter into the email address space.  Click on the tab that says PURCHASE, and check GOODS.  Enter the amount of the purchase you are making:

1 block = $4.00
3 blocks = $9.00
6 blocks = $12.00
12 blocks = $15.00


Send me an email at and let me know which blocks you would like, and provide me with your email address and full name.  

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from me (Caron Mosey) with your attached block patterns in PDF.  Please include your email address and full name.

Add this email address to your email program so that your order won’t end up in your spam folder:

December BOM a Little Early

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I’m going to be away from my computer for a few days, and away from sewing for at least a week, so I wanted to get the final block of the month posted for you.

Of course, the chances of you having a Jacob and Samantha in your home are probably not all that high, but the names can be changed to suit your desires. 

This quilt is a combination of different elements; needle-turn appliqué, fusible appliqué, embroidery, and a fun brick fabric.  You don’t have to find the same exact fabric… there are many available to choose from.  You might even put your stockings on a wood paneling! 
Here are a few links to follow to a couple of fabrics I found:

There are many more… just do a search and you’ll find what you’re looking for!
Besides the brick fabric, everything I used here came from my stash. 
If you’re interested in making the December Block of the Month,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Calendar Block of the Month.  I know I have!  Please share anything that you’ve created from any of the patterns.  We’d all love to see!

November Block of the Month

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Every parent wants their child to eat a healthy diet. My Mother-in-Law is an excellent baker, and every Thanksgiving, she bakes delicious pumpkin pies.  In our family, we put heaps of whipped cream on top (via Coolwhip that we call “dilly whip”).  My sons always wanted to start the meal with the pumpkin pie, but were forced to wait.  They would pick at their food, saving room, of course, for the pie.

When dessert time came, Grandma would give them huge pieces with lots of “dilly whip.”  Yes, they could have seconds, because of course, following the guidelines for a balanced meal, pumpkin pie is the perfect food.

Pumpkin pie has:

  • Vegetable food group (squash!)
  • Dairy food group (cream)
  • Protein food group (eggs)
  • Grain food group (crust)

Balanced Food Group

Since the quilting doesn’t show up well in the picture above, here’s another picture:



That crazy cartoon turkey is standing in my pie!

*Pattern available next week

Calendar BOM: December!

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Are you participating in the Calendar Block of the Month?  If so, here’s a sneak peek at December:

Yes, I know… right now it’s pretty boring.   But you need to be on the lookout for a brick or stone fabric.  A fat quarter will do you just fine. 
More to come!  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already!

Block of the Month Calendar: October


When I think of October, I think pumpkins.   Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, carving pumpkins… pumpkin anything, actually!  I live in Michigan, so we are blessed with beautiful color in the fall.  It’s my favorite time of year!

For our October block, I chose “The Pumpkin Family.”  This is a flexible block; my pumpkin family doesn’t need to look like your pumpkin family!  Since this goes on Jacob and Samantha’s calendar that hangs on their kitchen/dining room wall, I wanted something cheerful that represented them.  So in the back row of this block we have Daddy, Mommy, Samantha, and in the front we have Jacob.  Sean is rarely without his Detroit Tigers hat.  Kim has on lipstick, Samantha has cute little pumkin’ curls, and Jacob is looking at Mommy for advice.  Who is in your family?  Jazz up your block to make it uniquely yours.

Sean and family at brother Loren’s wedding

For the pattern for “The Pumpkin Family,” click on the block on the right side of the screen.

Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2010

July Block of the Month


Who doesn’t like to go to the beach in July?  And watch a sunset?

Going to the beach in the summer is one of my favorite things to do.  Whether it is a lake, ocean or even a river, water has always stolen my heart in summer. 

This is a simple block to make.  The sun is paper pieced, the letters are fused… though you could needle turn applique’ them if you choose.  JulySun

I chose to do simple quilting, very close together, in horizontal squiggly lines.   I chose an orange for the quilting on the top portion of the block, and blue for the bottom.  I love how it turned out!  J.U.L.Y


Hint:  If you trace the lines on the paper piecing sheet with pencil, you can leave the paper right in when you quilt.  It gives it a crisp finish, and nobody will know they are there.  This is likely not to be washed, and even if it does, it won’t hurt anything.  I never do that with a quilt, but often do on small wallhangings and get good results.

The pattern is located here.

June Block of the Month Calendar

The June flower of the month – ROSES!  What could be easier than these simple little roses tucked into the four letters of    J U N E ?   DSC03491

June is a traditional month for weddings, brides, and laying around in the sunshine.  This is an open, airy block with several options that are left for your choosing.  You probably have enough fabric scraps in your stash to spare you a trip to your LQS. 

Simple to stitch while sitting in the boat floating around the lake.  Enjoy!

 Download the pattern here.

Pattern copyright 2010 Brookside Creations

June Calendar Block is Coming!

Are you working on the Mystery Calendar Block of the Month?  If so, here’s what we’ll be starting with for our June block.   Oh yes, there will be more to it than this.  This is a “teaser photo”  to show you that you’ll need either a solid background fabric and another fabric for the border,


A collection of light fabrics (beige, white, light tan) to do a background like this.  

So start gathering your fabrics and get ready to sew!


May Flowers: Block of the Month Calendar

May Flowers

The block for the month of May, called “May Flowers,” makes good use of a fabric style called “Ombre’.” Ombre’ has gradations of color in layers through the fabric. A good example of this is seen in the ‘Gradations’ collection by Caryl Bryer Fallert. If you place the petals in a similar position throughout the shading of the fabric, as they are sewn onto the block they give a beautiful effect.

For the pattern for our May calendar, click here.

April – Block of the Month Calendar

April Showers…

bring May flowers!
This is a fun block to make… I used the fusible applique’ method to secure each little piece, then did a finishing stitch around the edges on most pieces. If you make this block, choose a rainy looking background, then play in your stash for the little pieces of color.

The pattern is available for you, but you will need to enlarge it to fit the 16 inch square, because for some reason the copy machine I used to scan to pdf won’t do something this large without reducing it. The pattern is available by clicking here.

In preparation for the May block, you’ll want about 1/3 yard of an ombre’ with solid areas (not print) in colors suitable for flowers. Here’s an example from showing what I mean… it is one piece of fabric that gradiates to the different shades.

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