Have I Told You I Like Barns?


I take pictures of barns when we’re out riding. 

I usually have a camera with me; either my Sony digital or my Blackberry.  The Sony does a much better job, but the Blackberry is handy and will work in a pinch.


I’m working on a quilt with a barn in it…

Here’s a sneak peek…076

It will also have an owl in it, but he’s not there yet. 

If you follow my blog, you know I also love owls.TwitterOwl

I Played in the Barn

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I did a little work on the barn yesterday!  Still lots more to do, and I’m not happy with the door, but it’s coming along.


I thought I’d also share with you an update on my Klosjes  (spools) quilt.

There are a few genuine 1930’s fabrics in there… can you spot them?  They are from my Aunt Jean’s stash. 

Last night DH and I went to the Detroit Piston’s game.  They played the Phoenix Suns and won by one point!  Most of the game was pretty dull, but the last 10 minutes were awesome!  Why is it that whenever we go ANYWHERE and have assigned seats we get a family with loud, rude children sitting behind us?  I swear the hearing in my left ear is now half what it was before the game.  This little boy did nothing but scream in a high-pitched voice all night.  UGH!  I’m glad he had fun, but I wish his parents would have controlled him at least a little!

We’ve talked about going to the Birch Run motorcycle show today,  but right now it’s –2 degrees outside, so that decision is yet to be made.  I ‘m happy going… or sewing.  Hope your day is warmer!