The Importance of Documentation

When I attend a quilt show and I am allowed to use my camera, I become giddy and take photos of everything I see that I like. Likewise, when I am surfing the Internet and I see pictures of antique quilts that I either have to have or have to make myself, I right click and save them to a special folder on my computer.

Unfortunately, many times most of the time, I don’t write down the maker or owner’s name or the name of the quilt. If it’s at a show, it’s usually possible to take a photo of the display card or refer to the show bulletin for the information.

I spotted this beauty one day a year or two ago. And, you are correct, I don’t have any information on the quilt. Do you know the name of the pattern? It looks like an antique quilt to me. I’d love to make this quilt, and I know I can draft the pattern when I put my mind to it. But I would LOVE to know the history of the quilt!

If you have seen this beautiful quilt before and know anything about it, please let me know in the comment section below.

Yes, I have learned my lesson.

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Simple Blocks

I’m always impressed with what you can do with very simple quilt blocks. With a change of color, size and design, you can take something very basic and make something beautiful. The mid-80’s were my “Triangle Period.” I loved what you could do with a triangle. The possibilities were endless!

Lady of the Lake is a beautiful block made entirely out of half-square triangles. You can see two beautiful versions here. By taking the block and changing some colors, you can get gorgeous patterns. Play with it yourself using a coloring page found here.
I used this block as the background in a pictorial quilt that was included in my book “Contemporary Quilts From Traditional Designs.” The photos you see here are a sneak peek from that quilt, which will be going up for sale on Brookside Creations this weekend. Stay tuned!

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Chintz and Paisley (is that a song?)

I love all kinds of fabric, except, perhaps, old plaids. My mom always dressed me in plaid when I was little, and I hated it then. Still do!

I love chintz. Big, flowery chintz. I don’t have any in my house, but I am drawn to it. Check out the beautiful rose chintz here at Style Court.

If you like reproduction fabrics, have you seen the website? Fabrics from any era, the late 1700’s on. Wow! I love the blue paisley, but I’m not a “blue girl” anymore. That was in my country days!

Now THIS fabric might appeal to you if you like Paisley! Pink, green and black… find it at the Interior Mall.

My absolute favorite place to shop for quilt fabrics is at I love how you can use the design board to see how well the fabrics you’ve chosen go together. Check out the collection of paisley they have at eQuilter!

Lots more beautiful chintz fabric is available at I love the reds! Mmmmmm, beautiful!

If you are a fabriholic, I hope these sites give you a few good minutes to browse. Or, like me, the entire morning!

Happy shopping!

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Beautiful Quilt Patterns

I met a new quilt friend on a real estate blog site that we both use. Her name is Eula Lang, and she designs beautiful quilt patterns in Kansas. Her website there is .

Please take a moment to check it out. Here is one of her absolutely stunning quilts. To purchase the copyrighted pattern, please visit her site.