How to Follow a Blog and the Proper Way to Leave Comments

If you find a blog that you really enjoy and would love to read more articles (posts) from the author, it’s good to know that most blogs have a built-in method to help you do so.

Feedly_LogoOn blogs created by WordPress, such as this blog, you will often find an area on the blog that says, “Follow Blog via Email.”  By simply clicking on the button that says “FOLLOW,” you will automatically receive a message each time a new article (post) is created.  Many Blogger blogs will include a “Join this site” button which functions much the same way.  

Another way to follow your favorite blogs is to use a blog reader.  I really like to use FEEDLY, and use that almost exclusively for reading blogs I follow.  If you go to and create an account, you can add all of the blogs you enjoy into a list with categories that work for you.

Below is a quick screenshot of a slice of my Feedly list.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10

As a regular reader of a blog, one of the things I enjoy is the ability to communicate with the person who has written the blog.  I have made many friends around the world just by leaving regular comments on their articles (posts). If you look at any blog, there is usually a place for the reader to leave a comment on any post.  It affords the reader an opportunity to respond favorably to what has been shared, or to express their own opinions and ideas about what was said.

Blog authors will often share their posts with others through social media, such as Facebook.  I know I do that myself quite frequently.  When you see a link to someone’s blog post and click through to read the article, ALWAYS leave any comments on the blog article itself, NOT on Facebook. By leaving your comments on the article itself (on the blog), you are helping that author expand their readership to areas outside of the Facebook group.

Take a few minutes to explore Feedly and see it it works for you.  Try leaving a comment on some of the blogs you enjoy.

Who knows, your new best friend may just be out there waiting for you!


Hand Quilting Supplies is Now Open!

Hand Quilting Supplies started as part of a natural progression that began in October, 2011. It was inspired by an exciting response to a request for hand quilters to share their work on this very blog!  The article asked hand quilters to create a link to a hand quilted item on their own blog. The response grew, and hand quilters from all around the world requested a blog where they could share more than just one quilt. They wanted a forum to discuss, compare, and enjoy hand quilting with others who also had a passion for the process. The blog Celebrate Hand Quilting began with a group of talented hand quilters from around the world who were willing to take turns and write articles about their own quilting experiences. Following the blog’s success, a Facebook group was started. 

As of June 21, 2014, the Facebook group now consists of over 7,200 hand quilters! If you would like to be a writer for the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog, or would like to join the Facebook group, please email Caron.

Throughout many discussions, quilters shared their frustration with the lack of available resources for hand quilters. They not only wanted a shop where they could find supplies, but a person who knows about hand quilting… someone who is a hand quilter themselves, someone they can lean on when they have questions or need suggestions. As a result, HQS was born.

Hand Quilting Supplies, started in May 2014, is owned by Caron L. Mosey and is based in Flushing, Michigan, U.S.A.. The shop will gradually increase inventory that is specific to the hand quilter. Quality hand quilting thread, thimbles, needles, notions, and everything the hand quilter needs will be available. If something you need is not found on the site, or if you have a how-to question, please feel free to ASK CARON.

Win a $25 gift certificate to!
1) Grab our logo and put it on your blog following the directions  below.  When you have it on your blog and it links to our site at,
2) leave a comment below with a link to your blog where we can see it.  Be sure your have your email linked to your comment so I can find you!  Deadline for entry is July 4, 2014.  One lucky winner’s name will be pulled out of the hat on July 4th.

Directions: Right click on the logo at the top of this post. Save the logo to your computer (remember where you put it!) Using Blogger, go to Layout, Add a Gadget, and choose Image. Fill in the form: Title: Hand Quilting Supplies 

Link: You can leave the Caption blank or put something there if you like. It isn’t necessary. Image: From your computer, find the image that you saved and click on that. Click save, and you’re done!

Happy Shopping, and as always, Celebrate Hand Quilting!

Blog Reader Choices, Feedly, etc.

It’s coming… July 1st, 2013.  On that date, when you wake up, Google Reader will be gone. 

BloglovinYou may have noticed that on the right side of my blog there is a link you can click to follow my blog on bloglovin.  That is one option.  feedly

You could also choose to follow my blog (and others) on Feedly. That’s the green logo. Both work quite well to follow any blog you’d like. 

You can choose any other blog reader to follow any kind of blog you would like. 

Should you need the information, the rss feed for Michigan Quilts is: .

So why did I choose to go with Feedly?  It was simple.  Feedly offers a lot of the same features that Google Reader did.  I have liked the ability to scroll through Google Reader and see each blog in it’s full format, scrolling through dozens of blog posts and remain on the same page.  Bloglovin’ requires me to click through and view each blog entry on its own page.  For me, that is a lot of pages to click on.  So my decision is made  Feedly it is!  However, please know that just because I read the blogs that I follow on Feedly doesn’t mean that if you use a different blog reader you can’t follow my blog somewhere else!  If you are confused and need help, please send me an email at


So, on to the world of quilting.  What have I been doing lately?  Taking a little break, actually.  I’ve been tired lately, and have been enjoying catching up on some reading.  My Kindle has had a good workout these last few weeks! 

photo 6.16.aI did manage to squeeze in some time to work on trapunto )photo at left) for a class sample for my hand quilting class.  I really enjoyed the process, which was new to me.  photo 6.16.c

I also put in more time on hand quilting my feathered stars quilt (photo on right).

This is a project in slow motion, as it is heavily quilted.


We have had quite a bit of rain in Michigan lately, but it has helped the garden tremendously!  photo.6.16d


The rhododendrons look beautiful close up, but I don’t like the yellow leaves that are taking over.  I think the soil is lacking something, but I’m not sure what.  If photo 6.16eyou are a fan of rhodies and have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you!


Hope all is well in your world!

Blogging Etiquette for Quilters

From time to time it’s always a good idea to review or get back to the basics. Whether it’s math, gardening, driving safety – whatever the topic, take time to refresh your knowledge from time to time!

Let’s think about blogging etiquette for a minute. There are some big basics that we can all benefit from.

Commenting on someone else’s blog:

1) It is not necessary to leave a comment on every post that someone makes.  Even if it’s your best friend’s blog, don’t comment every single time they write and article.  It comes across as if you’re stalking them.  Keep your comments for important issues, or when you REALLY have something worthwhile to say that relates to the post.

2) Your comment should RELATE TO THE POST under which you are leaving a comment.

3) Think twice before you leave a comment to advertise yourself, a product or service you are selling, or to publicize your own blog or website.  That is extremely tacky and never appreciated. 

4) Don’t argue with the writer.  A blogger has the right to post his or her own opinion on his/her blog.  It is their blog.  If you disagree, you have two options.  1)  Email the person privately and explain how you feel in a nice, polite manner.  2) Leave a comment, but be especially gracious in your wording. Example: “Thanks for sharing your methods for marking your quilts for hand quilting.  It’s always nice to see how other quilters work.  When I mark my quilts, I usually do… (your method), but I’ll give yours a try.  Who knows?  I might like it better! 

Give credit where credit is due:
1) Whenever you cite another website, provide a link to that site
2) Always get permission to include someone else’s photo on your blog, and provide a link to their site
3) Nobody likes a know-it-all.  Be humble.  Do unto others… let others shine. 
4) Don’t be pushy.  If your blog is all about selling yourself or your product to others, it will become annoying very quickly.  Be genuine.  
4) Beware of blogs that constantly ask you to share a link on their site with Linky or some other such tool.  Linking tools have a purpose, but when they are used regularly on a site, I am always skeptical.  When used regularly by a blogger, their purpose is to drive traffic to that blog.

Be a friendly blogger!

Quilt Blog

Do you have a quilt blog?

If so, leave a brief comment below with your blog’s URL (address).

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Keeping up With the Joneses

Do you read very many quilt blogs? I do. I have 146 blogs loaded into my Google Reader account, and every day I read/skim through many of them. It’s a way for me to see what other people are working on, what fabrics people like, and learn new techniques that others generously share. I enjoy the blogging process!

One thing about reading quilt blogs that bothers me: YOU DO TOO MUCH! How do you make so many quilts/purses/table runners/pillows/pincushions/tote bags/and more? I usually have a few things going at one time. I like to have something to hand quilt on when I’m in the mood. I enjoy doing embroidery and applique’ by hand, so there is usually a project or two that falls into this category. I like machine piecing, and there is a project on my table downstairs waiting for me. I MAY finish two or three projects this year. That’s all. If more is accomplished, I will be proud of myself and it will be close to a miracle. This is a busy year, with my youngest son and his fiance’ getting married in July, and parents who need caring for in their twilight years.

So… how do you do it? How do you squeeze in all that sewing in the midst of life? What is your secret? REALLY, readers would like to know. Could you please leave a comment below and tell us how you accomplish what you do?

I have mentioned before that I use to keep organized. Here is a look at my “to do” list. If you look closely, you will see right in the middle of the list my 2007 BOM Quilt. At the bottom is my Christmas Siggie Quilt. That’s from 2008, and is a DJ siggie exchange quilt. I have the blocks. I just have not touched them since I received them! I would work on them if I had more time. But I have other projects that seem to rise to the top of the list.
That’s how I work through my projects. Please share your process!

Copyright and Blogging

I’ve noticed a trend on quilt blogs lately that has me wiggling in my seat thinking, “NO, please don’t do that!” I should explain.


We all love to share when we find a quilt book that we love. We might blog about it and tell others why we like it and how fantastic it is. We might even show a picture of the cover of the book so people know what to look for. All of the above is perfectly acceptable blogging.

Posting the book cover is acceptable and not a violation of copyright.

The problem comes when you open the book and start showing pictures of the inside, particularly photos of quilts various people have made, without giving them credit.

NOT acceptable

Now, I can do this on my blog because this is my book and this is my quilt in the picture. But suppose it WASN’T? Suppose it was someone else’s quilt? If it were, I would have just shared an entire page of a copyrighted book with the whole world, free of charge. I would have violated the author’s copyright.

Posting the open book is not acceptable and could be a violation of copyright.

And what about the quiltmaker? Suppose s/he has a copyright on that quilt and gave written permission for the quilt to be in that author’s book? That’s another story.

Yes, I know there are people out there who are going to want to argue with me and split hairs about what is and what is not acceptable. I don’t profess to being the expert on copyright, but I do know that as bloggers and quilters, we need to think just a little more before we put something that is copyrighted on our blog.
How do you get around it? What if you want to share a book that someone has written with your blog readers? It’s usually pretty easy. You could do one of two things. 1) Contact the author of the book and get permission to include the book on your blog. When the book appears on your blog, tell readers that you have received the author’s permission to include a photo of page ___ of their book on your blog. 2) Put a photo of the cover of the book on your blog. Tell what you like about the book, give your own review-of-sorts, and then put a link to the author’s or publisher’s own website where your readers can go to see the book opened up and purchase it.
We all want to share with other quilters. That is our nature. Let’s just remember to do it the right way. Happy Quilting, Happy (and safe) Sharing!

They’re COMING! A great line-up of GUEST BLOGGERS!

Michigan Quilts! isn’t just about me and my silly ramblings. It’s about all the quilters in or from the state that make quilting here what it is. So in honor of our quilting past, present and future, Michigan Quilts! is going to share blogging space with some quilters you might know by name… and some you may have never heard of before.

They’re coming soon…
  • Ami
  • Liz
  • Carol
  • Beth
  • Kaye
  • Elsie
  • Joe
  • Sabra
  • Julie
  • Kelly
  • Janice
  • Dolly
  • another Julie
  • and several more (but I’m going to leave you hanging on those until another day).

Are you interested in joining the group?

Your article can be short, medium or long in length, and be about anything you’d like… a quilt you’re working on, something quilty, random thoughts on fabric, appliqué, whatever. It’s entirely up to you! A picture or two (or three, or four, or… whatever) is helpful to add pizzazz. Links can be to whatever you’d like them to link to, as long as they are clean and family-friendly (duh). I don’t mind if your business is mentioned with a link to a business website, but that should not be the focus of your post.

Now, some people may not think that they have anything worth contributing because they have just started quilting. Every single person on the list above at one time was a beginning quilter. Shucks, there are still lots of things I don’t know and need to learn from someone who knows how to do them, and I’ve been quilting since the mid 1970’s. Yes, I was two years old when I started. AHEM.

So if you’re new to quilting, tell us why you first picked up a needle, what you made, what obstacles did you face, what have you learned since them, and show us a picture or two. We won’t laugh. Really. See the picture here, circa around 1980? Who ever thought Flying Geese had
to have points??? Certainly not me!

So shoot me an email and hop on board. We’d love to meet you!

Summer 2008 Caron with Granddaughter Samantha, floating around Scott Lake in the Waterford area. Can’t believe she’s going to be two in a few weeks!

Can you blog? Be a Guest Blogger!

Simply Squarific by Caron MoseyAre you a Michigan quilter? Do you like to write?

Michigan Quilts! is looking for guest bloggers to “share the space” and their love for quilting right here, on this very page.

I’d love for you to participate if you are interested.

Here is the short list of criteria:

  • You are a Michigan quilter… either living here now, or having lived here during a time when you were also a quilter.
  • Your entry can be short, medium or long in length, and be about anything you’d like related to quilting… a quilt you’re working on, something quilty, random quilt thoughts, applique, piecing, Fabric Collection Disease, whatever. It’s entirely up to you!
  • Your entry needs to include a picture or two (or three, or four, or…) to add pizzazz.
  • Your entry may include links can to whatever you’d like them to link to, as long as they are clean, somewhat related to quilting, and family-friendly (duh).
  • If you own a quilt business of any kind, I don’t mind if your business is mentioned along with a link to your business website, but that should not be the main focus of your post.

    Are you interested? If so, please contact me!

Why Do You Blog?

I’ve been a blogger for roughly 8 years now, and have had several different blogs in different formats. Each blog had a different purpose. As a blogger, I spend quite a bit of time surfing other blogs to see “what’s up” in the blogging world. A great blog and post I stumbled across today may be found here. Whether you are a new blogger or experienced, I think it might be a good one for you to take a look at. The blog is called “Beginner Blogger.” It has great ideas and tips for any blogger, actually, not just beginners. Take a look!

The blog post I read this morning is an interview with blogger Derek Jensen. The questions and responses in the article stimulated me creatively, and made me wonder what responses quilt bloggers might give if asked those same – or similar questions. Take a peek at his responses found here and then the questions below. I’d love to read your responses in the comments section, below! What a great way to begin the New Year!

  1. Is there anyone in the quilting/blogging world that you try and model yourself on?
  2. How well has your blog done, stats-wise? (You can share any latest stats you have gathered… number of followers, number of hits, etc.)
  3. What are your main strategies or goals for your blog?
  4. How do you promote your blog?
  5. Do you make money from your blog? (Sales, advertising, Google adwords, etc.)
  6. If you could start your blog all over again, what 3 things would you do differently?
  7. What are your 2010 plans for your blog?
  8. What are your 2010 plans for you as an artist/quilter?
  9. What one thing would you suggest to a beginning quilter?
  10. What do you think will be the number one color this year? (Just a fun question…)

As you ponder these questions, please post your responses by clicking on the comment area, below.