I’m back…

My hubby reminded me this morning that I haven’t blogged in awhile. SORRY! Sometimes life just gets in the say. Here’s what’s been going on:

<-Remember this mess? THANKS to my wonderful hubby Dean, It has been greatly improved:

A nice “Lemon Pound Cake” paint, a new storage cupboard (doesn’t yet have the doors on it) and some cleaning and sorting yet to do, and I’m making headway. It’s still not a “finished” basement, but much improved and I’m liking it.

Critter Report
Our little pond has new life! This little froggy is probably one of the babies born last year here. His buddy, a new baby turtle, is camera-shy and wouldn’t let me take his photo yesterday despite several different attempts. The little fellow is about 1.5 inches in diameter and cute as can be.

Speaking of little things, I made a few little business card holders yesterday that ended up in my Etsy shop; here’s one of them.

That’s it for now… hope you have a GREAT week!

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Simple Blocks

I’m always impressed with what you can do with very simple quilt blocks. With a change of color, size and design, you can take something very basic and make something beautiful. The mid-80’s were my “Triangle Period.” I loved what you could do with a triangle. The possibilities were endless!

Lady of the Lake is a beautiful block made entirely out of half-square triangles. You can see two beautiful versions here. By taking the block and changing some colors, you can get gorgeous patterns. Play with it yourself using a coloring page found here.
I used this block as the background in a pictorial quilt that was included in my book “Contemporary Quilts From Traditional Designs.” The photos you see here are a sneak peek from that quilt, which will be going up for sale on Brookside Creations this weekend. Stay tuned!

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A lot accomplished!

I had a productive day today. I spent most of the morning and half the afternoon working on a few things for Brookside Creations. I finished a pretty tan and blue pillow that I had done some cross stitch for. The perfect fabrics all came together a few weekends ago when I was at Country Stitches. So I wrapped up that project and got it entered into my Etsy shop. You can see it here on my website, and if you go there there are more pictures.

I learned how to drive the lawn tractor today… got my first lesson. I figured it would be a good idea to know how to drive it if I ever needed to help out.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet day. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Happy 4th of July!

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Brookside Creations: A New Venture

I’ve wanted my own quilting business for a very long time. That time is now. I’m starting small and will be growing bit by bit. I’m happy to announce that Brookside Creations was launched earlier this month. While I will be adding supplies for quilters and embroiderers gradually, I will also be creating and selling quilts. I’ve been impressed with the fiber art an quilts at The Artful Home, and am working toward quilts of this nature.

Brookside Creations will have a regular web page, not just a blog, but as I’m currently working on a new quilt and putting all my time into that, the website may be a month or so down the road. Please check out the blog page at http://brooksidecreations.blogspot.com/ and bookmark it so you can come back and visit again.

The blog you are reading, “Michigan Quilts,” will continue to stay current, so please don’t abandon it!

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